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Jul 29 2014

A Response to Sam Harris – So Why Don’t You Criticise Israel and Palestine?

I had exams. So I let this slide. My next two are on Saturday and Sunday so I have some time to field this one. Sam Harris’s take on Israel and Palestine shows an incredible naivety about the situation and buys into the whole notion that the conflict is purely religious in nature. Let’s break …

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Jul 23 2014

Peace on our Dime – Israel/Palestine

When a zionist once asked me why I think partitioning Israel may have resulted in the current conflict I had to point out that I came from an ethnic group whose identities of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi were determined by a similar partition and indeed on the same religious grounds. And for this? Between 7 …

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Jul 22 2014

Protective Edge – MSF report from Gaza

I have long written about the withholding of aid to Gaza and the West Bank. But one of the major problems is we keep saying that the information coming out of Gaza is solely in the hands of non-Israeli sources and so is suspect as propaganda. The Facebooks have been aflood with images of London …

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Jul 19 2014

Conservative Nonsense about MH17

As the tragedy of the Malaysia Air flight unfolds there are two stories I must mention. Tragedies really. As many people here know my Girlfriend (Hera) is… a Malaysian. So I had a few questions about her safety in all of this.

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Jul 12 2014

Didgeridon’t – Rolf Harris and the harm caused by Trolls/MRA

The heroes of our youth in the UK are no more. They died in ignominy. Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville turned out to be paedophiles. While Glitter became synonymous with Child Molestation and went to trial quickly, Sir Jimmy Saville was beloved of many and a knight to boot. He died and his legacy went …

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Jun 10 2014

On The Las Vegas Shootings

I have family who live in Vegas. Let us just say that Casinos need engineers and people need obs/gynaes even if you live in Vegas. So it read about the shooting.

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Jun 05 2014

Age of Kali – Ahimsa

A 28 year old engineer was beaten to death by seven men. Shaikh Mohasin Sadiq from Solapur exercised free speech. He posted a derogatory picture of Shivaji (A famous King) and of the late Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray.

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May 30 2014

They Took Our Gunz!

It”s no secret that the tragic murders by Elliot Rodger are effectively the news of the week. But there is one group of people who had to intervene. It is no secret right wing Americans and the NRA defend guns to the hilt as a method of rejecting tyranny by killing beer cans and paper …

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May 29 2014

Judgy Bitch 3 – The Bitchening – Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodgers was a bloody tragedy. 6 people died while others were injured. Lets get this straight. We all want to blame one thing and one thing alone for Elliot Rodgers. I don’t see it as that easy. It is clear that Elliot Rodgers was a deeply disturbed man and had a mental health problem. …

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May 27 2014

Guns, Girls and Game – Mental Illness and Ideology’s role in Elliot Rodger

Everyone’s already said their piece about Elliot Rodger. What’s to say? On Friday, Elliot Rodger took his revenge on society. He went on a rampage that resulted in him killing his flatmates and shooting three innocent by standers. This happened a month after police were first alerted to Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos and paid him …

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