Metal Minority

What Are You Doing Here?

Oh I read the book and some of it resonated with me. Mainly because I have been asked the question.

I listened to the Radio a lot growing up for my musical fix and while poking around I discovered metal and was hooked. And when I first went to University I discovered Star and the Wendy House nights in Leeds.

These were my first introductions to the world of metal where I noticed something weird.

I was the only Asian kid there. Maybe there were others, but I certainly didn’t meet any after much much later.

It’s where I met some of my first friends and made tentative steps of independence. All the Indian kids were out listening to Dubstep, Jungle and Hip-Hop and Asian Dancehall genres.

I never saw race until later but in retrospect I had just walked into the least racially diverse place ever.

And someone commented on that on my first night out. “What Are You Doing Here?”. [Read more…]


Just shut up and listen…

Waking up to this on the radio made so many neurons fire in so many correct ways. Never mind who or what she is or politics, just listen. It’s good. It’s really good.

Ray Comfort is not a Genius

Everyone’s favourite banana fan is back with a new video called Genius.

If you want to have a look? Go watch it… But I warn you. I made my way through it painfully and regret doing so while sober.

There is not enough alcohol in the world that will get rid of the horrid taste of all the logical  and factual fallacies. This is not a video to watch sober, it will make you throw things at idiots. It has everything from “Atheistic Evolution” to “You Will Never Be Good Enough” and even a little bit of “No True Scotsman”. It even has the most hilarious concept of an “atheist/buddhist” in there whose response isn’t measured debate but crazy ranting.

Oh and John Lennon apparently didn’t believe in Evolution because people like a certain cephalopod obsessed overlord keep changing the boundaries of science. CLEARLY this is an early version of FTBullies.

It finally ends with the worst piece of music theory ever. The mutilation of the meaning of Imagine by Ray Comfort who claims that the line “Imagine there’s no heaven” indicates that heaven is a real place because it would be like saying “Imagine there’s no New York”. This is without paying attention to the rest of the song where he assumes “The world living as one” indicates the return of his god rather than say… The Smoking Mirror.

Just to be safe? Better keep a supply of your enemies ready for Human Sacrifice.

Just to get the bad taste out of your mouth? I leave you with one of my favourite renditions of Imagine….