Cruel and Unusual

Oklahoma botched an execution. This is not news but I can help explain why it got botched. See Marcus Ranum (Long time reader and big time donor to A Million Gods) wrote this and I wished to expand on it. Clayton Lockett did a horrible thing. An inexcusable thing. He murdered another human. He raped another human. He invaded a home and raped one woman and shot and wounded another. He then buried her with is accomplice.

What ensued was cruel.

What ensued was unusual.

What ensued was a torturous death.

She was not alive. She was buried alive. He was captured, tried and found guilty and sentenced to death.

What ensued was cruel.

What ensued was unusual.

What ensued was a torturous death. [Read more...]

Big Red Rape – Steubenville’s Aftermath and the “Free Ride” for Sports

A scholarship to play sport?

That’s amazing sign me up!

In the UK we have a system of youth sports teams that have under 15s under 16s and under 18s. These teams are free to try out for but these are “professional” teams. They are the feeders for our professional football clubs. Many of these players in the Under 16s and under 18s are often salaried or given a sizeable sum of money for playing.

This stops sport from being linked to university. It stops the University from earning money through sports and making it profitable to concentrate on sport before it concentrates on education. We do have University sports and University teams, it is just that these teams are often just “normal students” who happen to be good at sport. The University Boat Race for example is not crewed by ringers given seats solely for the purpose of boat race victory but by young men (and now women) who engage in the University Societies and choose to participate in sports. [Read more...]

It’s Just Like Nazi Germany!

“Go back to 1939 when the German Lutheran church turned a blind eye to what Hitler was doing, not all of them: [Deitrich] Bonhoeffer and others and paid for it with their lives but they were not going to compromise and there’s a point at which we have to say we’re there, we’re there, It’s not quite as bad as it was then but we see where the train is moving, we see where it’s going”

– James Dobson

From Right Wing Watch, we have James Dobson claiming that ObamaCare is precisely like Nazi Germany. That Obama is planning to round up a minority bogeyman blamed for all ills and subject them to a second Holocaust while waging WW II.

Because of a shoddy attempt to give the USA universal healthcare.

Ah James! This is what we call an “own goal” since it describes a total lack of understanding of healthcare and history.

Check out the audio-clip if you fancy laughing at the reason why History is such an important subject in schools.

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Last week, Megyn Kelly of Fox News decided to inform us that Black Jesus or Santa Claus was not a real thing.

Never mind the fact that as a Middle Eastern Jew, Jesus would have been considerably swarthier than what Megyn thinks “white” is. St. Nicholas being from Lycia may not have been as white as the driven snow either. Indeed many depictions of him show him as considerably swarthier than the modern idea of Santa Claus.

But even after her sudden outbreak of foot in mouth disease, Megyn Kelly decided to do something even more ignorant. And in doing so exposed the general bigotry still pervasive both at Fox and in Conservative Americans.

[warning]Apparently this is a Parody that was posted around the net that I fell for. The price of falling for bad sarcasm.[/warning] [Read more...]

Tea Party Needs to Check their Sources

This year saw the release of Bioshock Infinite. A game about choice and about racism and indeed a game that was well loved and well appreciated.

But it is set in a floating city of racists. Where White Racists used a black, Irish and Native American population to run their floating utopia. The sense of small town America in the sky breaking apart when you first have to stone (well throw baseballs at) people guilty of the crime of “miscegenation”. And you slowly delve into a world powered by racism and oppression.

A part of the Tea Party and the “Patriots” of the USA didn’t check their source. [Read more...]

Bitter Resentment

After a local veterans group pulled its donations to the Morton Grove Park District in response to a park board member’s refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, a Naperville teacher and atheist blogger asked his readers for donations to replace the roughly $2,600 in lost funding.

Now is there such a blogger that we know about? Why it’s Hemant from A Friendly Atheist and why did he send them money? Well because he is friendly and because he recognises that the pledge of allegiance is a modern creation during the 1950s to differentiate the USA from “Godless Commies”. To ask an atheist to pay it respect is pointless.

Waving flags and saluting them doesn’t make you a patriot.  [Read more...]