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Jun 18 2013

Oh WND, some of your sponsors are amusing

Amusingly stupid and racist that is. The Internet has a fascination with bacon. What’s not to like? Bacon is rather tasty and while baconnaise is an assault on all that is good about food bacon generally has been a force for good. That is until bigots and racists got hold of it. While poking around …

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May 07 2013

This is Why We Need Science in Schools

If you haven’t heard it yet, Zack Kopplin tried and failed to get the “Louisiana Science Education Act” repealed. For those who are unaware, this was passed into being by fellow brown person and all round arsehole Bobby Jindal. And it’s a piece of legislation that allows for the teaching of anything from literal creationism …

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May 05 2013

SSA Blogathon – Stop them! They are Making Fun of Us!

Ken Ham has discovered the Redditz and r/atheism and he is not amused! Stahp! Atheists! Why you hating Creationism!

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May 04 2013

Reasonable Holocaust

“You know the Age of Enlightenment and Reason gave way to moral relativism. And moral relativism is what led us all the way down the dark path to the Holocaust.” – Faux News

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May 03 2013

Gay? Scouts? In Texas! Hell No!

Boy Scouts in Houston, Texas voted this week to maintain the policies of the Scouts that bar openly gay youth who seek to participate. Am I the only one who thinks telling them that there are gays who aren’t open about their sexuality? That they should fear stealth homosexuals? This way no boy can be …

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May 02 2013

SSA Blogathon – Pfft! Equality

When one thinks of women’s advocates one doesn’t think of this next contender.

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Apr 28 2013

Greg Ball – Torture

This kind of caught my attention this morning because I have been poking around the aftermath of the various political talking heads out there. And Greg Ball caught my eye with his spectacularly bad idea.

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Apr 25 2013

Frankly Speaking About Anne Frank

America occupies a strange little world of its own. To the outsider it’s a land that’s filled with amazing things but whose inhabitants take it for granted. It’s a strange culture too. People often say “Avi! How can you comment on American culture when you aren’t even from there?” to which I respond with “I …

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Apr 24 2013

The Final Insult to Steubenville’s Rape Victim

The two young men who played football have had their promising careers ended by the gold digging bitch that is the rape victim… That was the word on the lips of many people who saw her as a slut who got what was coming to her. There was a genuine feeling that these two young …

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Apr 18 2013


In the wake of any tragedy come the gong bangers who try and push through political change based on the feelings that are running high after the tragedy. Some of it is common sense like “fucking gun control” (because if your people require guns to feel safe then it’s indicative of a society that has …

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