Dinesh D’Souza – Forget about the Past


Dinesh fucks over his own argument here.

See? Black people were the most visible face of racism in America. The racism also touched white people such as Jews, Poles and Irish who were not treated all that well. But Indians and Chinese were also treated as “coloured people”. If we forgot about segregation and slavery Dinesh D’Souza would not be allowed to run for power. He owes his political career solely due to the struggles of Black Americans who fought against racism and slavery.

But let us compare the two things. One is a set of social and economic issues that arose from slavery and systemic institutionalised and overt racism that lead to the current status quo. The other was a pointless political demonstration.

The cold war is over. Rather than make new friends and move forward the USA was acting like a spoilt child bullying a tiny nation. It could have been a positive influence on the region, instead it shuttered it’s doors and created animosity.

Dinesh just wants more of the same.

Then again, if Obama said that running head first into walls was stupid, many conservatives would respond that being unconscious at the base of a wall is actually a sign of genius.

Outrage and Acceptability in Black Riots

I have an interesting way of explaining to people who don’t get “racism”. The idea of casual racism is much more deadlier than the Klansman.

The person you fear is not the swastika wearing goose stepping skin-head. That guy is all talk and no trousers. His very struggle for white domination is a joke. I don’t look at places like the Stormfront and think “MAN! That’s scary!” but “Man that’s kind of pathetic”.

These are  people who see themselves as the German Nazis. Educated, Erudite and Stylish.

Not potato men who the Nazis would have killed. These are the sort of people who think that “if only we beat the Darkies and Jews! We would be upto our balls in Hugo Boss and Frauleins”. Without realising the biggest impediment to their plans are the fact that they are not bright. These are people who literally think the people who are so bad that killing Nazis is akin too killing Aliens, Robots or Zombies in public media. And rather than take the reality where the Nazis were actually human beings with nuances and beliefs that had their roots in many things… they would rather just march around badly mutilating German. [Read more…]

It’s Racism

There is a rather interesting lawsuit out there.

It’s alleged that César Ramirez of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, a place with a $305 a plate was rather blatant about his biases. The chef at a three-Michelin-star eatery in Brooklyn dictated that lesser pieces of meat be given to Asian customers and Upper West Siders.

[Read more…]

Elizabeth Lauten – A Note From An Ex-Teenage Dirtbag

I want a tattoo.

See? Indian Culture is seeing a Tattoo renaissance, it used to play a big role in my culture but it lost out to the actions of Victorians and Christian Revivalists who claimed that the Tattoos of our Hindu/Animist past were superficial and invited Satan into your lives.

I would want something medical to celebrate my achievement. I don’t know what I would like yet, but it is something I cannot take lightly.

For those who have seen me online during the Google Hangouts I sometimes slink about in? You may notice I shave my head. The reason I started doing that was two fold.

Firstly? When I was younger I had hair that was rebellious. I dyed my hair Red/Blue and had spikes in it. Lots of product. When I joined Medical School I had to change

Secondly? I lost my hair. My hair never grew back properly after my childhood and my hair began to fall aged 18.

Shaving my head was a fashion choice as much as a choice of rebellion. It was a skinhead cut, the ultimate rebellion for an Indian Man. A shaved head is for those in mourning or in penance.  [Read more…]

Common Core – This is why the USA needs more Arithmetic

I am amused by the arguments against the common core.

Primarily because I was a newbie participant in the old “Creationist” wars that many of our more famous atheists (See Aron Ra, PZ Myers, Thunderf00t and indeed Dawkins) were the big voices of atheism speaking for evolution. To see the USA finally admit that it requires a basic standard of excellence to be adhered to is a good thing.

But as always there are people who “simply don’t get it“. [Read more…]