A Voice for Me/Gamergate – AVfM’s Communication’s Officer Allows Racism and Homophobia

Let’s face it. Men have issues. The world is changing and while Feminism has been great at fighting for the rights of women, men have generally seen their rights eroded. Mostly this is to stop the unfair advantages men have and the erosion has generally been a loss of special privileges or women gaining the same. In effect our status on pedestals has been eroded.

But there are issues with being on the pedestal that we still have. A ripe place for men to campaign for issues that affect them such as mental health. There are men who are discriminated against heavily such as Black and Gay men. There is a role for a “Men’s Rights” movement.

But not The Men’s Rights Movement. That’s just a hate group that worries about men’s rights in the same way that modern racists hide their racism by worrying about “white rights”.

These are the uncensored tweets. If they no longer link, that is because they have been taken down by the man who said them. The following MAY contain images that are NSFW and catalogue the barrage of hate I have received this morning. I am sure they are trolls and I am told the best thing to do is to ignore them, but here is the thing? The reason they get away with this is the high level MRA being complicit in this. Janet may have fled the conversation when she realised her ally is “fucked up” but at no point did she do what I would do. At no point did she correct her ally’s bad behaviour and speak out for the men. Instead what occurs is the MRA attempt to defend the words used. So here’s the warning? NSFW – Racism/Horrible Pictures if you follow the instructions. I am putting this up here after 12 hours. Janet Bloomfield has had time to respond to the usage of slurs and harassment. She has refused to do so.  [Read more…]

A Voice For Me – Emma Watson and the MRA

I have spoken to Dean Esmay before. Albeit on twitter where the 140 limit does not lend itself to great conversation. I found a rather strange individual who simply was out of depth in the kind of world of misogyny we exist in. He is a man who (if we speak kindly) doesn’t get misogyny and bigotry.

[Caution – Contains link to 1 gigantic piece and TV Tropes – Be Warned. You may lose track of time here] [Read more…]

Thug In Velvet – Revisited

Around a decade ago there was a watershed in Indian culture.

We saw a concept come about in India and abroad.

It was called the New Indian Male. The very idea of the New Indian Male was a gentleman. He wore clothes that fit and wasn’t picked out by his mother. He understood fashion. He was gentler, kinder and indeed “more in touch with his feminine side”. His image on the big screen and in populist media was not one of the country boy or poor, but a middle class hero and his actions resonated the most with that demographic. In the minority of India that is Upper Middle Class this may hold true. More men broke gender roles and cooked, cleaned and raised children and this allowed more women to break out of those traditional roles and do non-traditional roles such as working. More men cleaned up themselves and after themselves. But what happened? Why have we shifted out of that? [Read more…]

Man Of Kneel Meets the Dark Knight

One of the biggest things bemoaned by the MRA movement and indeed a lot of conservative talking heads is bemoaning the loss of “traditional masculinity”. We bemoan the loss of the man’s man.

Or at least the idealised version. Deep Voiced, Broad Shouldered, A Jack of All Trades and maybe a master of one too. Strong, cultured enough to identify a good foie gras but worldly enough to like a burger and probably bring down the animal to make one. A red blooded carnivore who can still hold a kitten in a calloused hand. Probably from chopping all that wood.

It is a romantic view of the past.

This man is dead. Well dead in the eyes of these traditionalists. Oh his moustaches and flannel still make up our fashion but only ironically. No. Today. Bear Wrestling is an entirely different pastime.

But is that such a bad thing? [Read more…]

There Is A Reason We Think You Are Harming Men

There is a sub-sect of the MRA movement in which resides the Pick Up Artist.

See, the problem with MRA is that they forget about Men’s Rights and go straight onto bashing women’s rights. There are many men who fight for the rights of men who don’t do this, but a lot of men would rather bash women than help men. They begrudge women setting up shelters for abused women but do not show the same solidarity. Their haunts are cloistered worlds of slow bigotry. From the more “moderate” places like A Voice for Men where such charming denizens were found happily cooing along to their writers attacking women’s rights in Afghanistan and India to places like the Spearhead where there is a fairly large smattering of racism or people like Judgy Bitch who was outright blaming rape victims for their rapes. In this there is a sub-sect of people who are Pick Up Artists who think that there is a specific method for getting laid simply by following certain steps.

Yes we can all agree there are issues with being a man that are not spoken about clearly and yes a lot of that is men going “dude! Stop being a wuss” rather than women saying that.

But there are some statements that are so unbelievably vile that one cannot even fathom WHY or WHAT logic drove them to say such a horrific thing.

Now here is the thing. I think Roosh and the writer Tuthmosis are manufacturing controversy here. I place the link out of my sense of fair play although it gives me no sense of pleasure to do so. [Read more…]

What About The Men?

Today is International Men’s Day and despite the self appointed guardians of Masculinity (AKA the MRA) having declared me as a Beta/Mangina/Whipped shadow of a man under the thrall of the femiwitches that control Freethought Blogs, I have decided to actually post something for it.

While men do have a big advantage over women in nearly all walks of life particularly in India where being male is like typing IDDQD in Doom. [Read more…]

I Get Mail/A Voice for Me – How To Stop Rape

I got this in response to the post I did last night on the problem of The Indian Male vs the New Indian Male and how the education and treatment of men has to change in India.

I spent the day thinking about this. This is clearly a post from A Voice for Men that’s been cut and paste (I do check if my mail is just cut and pasted from somewhere else). And the problem here is that who ever is using this as a response has not understood the problem of privilege in an Indian context or even in a western context. Today’s piece comes from Typhonblue. [Read more…]