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Jul 22 2014

Protective Edge – MSF report from Gaza

I have long written about the withholding of aid to Gaza and the West Bank. But one of the major problems is we keep saying that the information coming out of Gaza is solely in the hands of non-Israeli sources and so is suspect as propaganda. The Facebooks have been aflood with images of London …

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Jul 12 2014

*Headesk* – Bad Anonymous

No. Bad! You don’t post this to me after I speak about a family member getting treated for cancer. [What ensues is a medical related rant from Facebook, I figured that it invoked enough about medicine to be useful. Also? What the hell Anonymous? Thought you liked sticking up for people against bullshit merchants]

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Jun 14 2014

3,679 Women


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Jun 09 2014

Vickie Sorensen – Natural Birth, Home Birth Midwifery and Deadly Consequences

Vickie Sorensen is one of the least talked about and deadliest breed of quacks out there. Home Births are a hidden form of quackery. Wreathed in the language of female empowerment, bad statistics and anti-medical quackery home births have a rather deadly toll that is often not widely advertised and not often fought. My “personal” anti-Obstetric …

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May 31 2014

Let It Go!

Ah…. This is my life right now…. Only with more “WHAT IS THIS! WHY DO I HAVE NO NORMAL CASES!”

May 09 2014

Malaysia’s adoption of Hudud – Following in the Footsteps of Mengele

Your actions are what determine the sort of person you are. Not your glittering spires or your technology. If all the achievement in the world is used to further a barbarous practice then your achievement is tarnished and hollow. All you are doing is using technology to maintain your medieval principles. I know people will …

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May 06 2014

Not the Ducks! – Sugar Rush

This one’s from the ever handy quack brigade that is Dr. Brownstein’s fans. As ever? If you are diabetic then follow your medical dosage and check ups regularly. Not anything people like this say. Dr. Brownstein’s advice is deadly and wrong. If there are American Colleges giving Brownstein accreditation and awards (his Websites claim he …

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May 03 2014

Cruel and Unusual

Oklahoma botched an execution. This is not news but I can help explain why it got botched. See Marcus Ranum (Long time reader and big time donor to A Million Gods) wrote this and I wished to expand on it. Clayton Lockett did a horrible thing. An inexcusable thing. He murdered another human. He raped another …

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Apr 26 2014

Faith Killing

Travis and Wenona Rossiter, an Albany couple are members of the Church of the First Born, a fundamentalist sect that believes traditional medical treatment is sinful, and instead trust in God to heal them through faith, 

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Apr 23 2014

The Case Against Religious Circumcision

Circumcision is essential to Judaism or Islam. One often wonders why a divine being is so interested in the foreskins of believers rather than their actual well being.

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