Common Core – This is why the USA needs more Arithmetic

I am amused by the arguments against the common core.

Primarily because I was a newbie participant in the old “Creationist” wars that many of our more famous atheists (See Aron Ra, PZ Myers, Thunderf00t and indeed Dawkins) were the big voices of atheism speaking for evolution. To see the USA finally admit that it requires a basic standard of excellence to be adhered to is a good thing.

But as always there are people who “simply don’t get it“. [Read more…]

Of Placebo and Near Death – Anne Jones

Someone sent me the post and I realised it was actually from the Thunderdome on Pharyngula. I was already halfway through writing a response

Hello, I’m a Christian ID and Creationism advocate, and I’d like to take issue with the scientific method and the derision of Christian beliefs and creationism/ID as established fact. *

Christian belief is no more a fact than Hindu belief. The fact remains that Christian belief is considered fact because It is a triplet of religions 2 of which are extremely aggressive in destroying any other religions. Therefore you don’t see “Other Beliefs” because the guy with the sword made sure there were no other beliefs. And I cannot believe I have to use this quote…

If you tell a lie big enough and you tell it often enough people will eventually believe that it is the truth. Others have fielded the basics so I am going to go into detail into my forte. [Read more…]