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Jul 27 2013

Gay Marriage Ruined Mine

Damn you! You horrible homosexuals! Just look at this! How can you do this to me?

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May 18 2013

Tiga and Me

See… JT Eberhard isn’t the only one who can post adorable photos of him and his girlfriend….

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May 10 2013

A Voice for Me – Once a Good Girl Goes Bad

There is a consistent problem within the various MRA spheres particularly the Indian one bemoaning “Women/Girls these Days”. Basically? MRA don’t like what’s happened to women. No longer are they docile. No longer do their lives revolve around men and how to please them. It’s not that men’s power has been eroded but women have …

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May 06 2013

Gay Weddings First? What Next? Humanist Ones?

In the UK you can choose to have a Humanist ceremony, but outside of Scotland? All marriage must involve a legally recognised service. These are religious in nature. Scotland however voted in 2005 to allow “humanist” weddings. It is one of the six nations in the world where this is allowed. It lets a couple …

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May 05 2013

SSA Blogathon – You Can Fall for Chains of Silver, You Can Fall for Chains of Gold

There’s a siege underway in a town in India. In a neighbourhood there is a ring of bored police in khaki uniforms in the shade. The streets are empty. They are there to keep the peace. But what they mainly do is keep people in. What’s this all in aid of?

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Apr 26 2013

Hags of Lag – This was a Triumph

Certainly made me smile.

Feb 15 2013

Age of Kali – Valentine’s Day

So what would you do for love? In India, Valentine’s day is pretty big. Indians are pretty romantic in the cheesy sort of way. Diamonds, Flowers, Cards, Stuffed Animals… The whole shebang. But one of the sadder sides of this is the backlash. You see in a country whose movie heroes regularly fall in love, …

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Jan 23 2013

Gay? Why not go down to Christian Mingle

Clearly it’s a joke. Christian Mingle doesn’t promote “the gay sex”. It’s a Christian place for Christian people and clearly these Christians don’t think you can be gay, believe in Jesus and want to meet another man for romance. Not so for Haywood Bynum (the 3rd). As I perused the internet in my duties as …

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Dec 31 2012

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – The Lady Friend

Yes… I know. I am showing off… But I really don’t care at this point. It’s not all doom and gloom because there are people in my life who make all the tragic cases better. That even around people angry at how women are treated there is one person who I can come back to …

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