In Defence of Twilight

[important]I dedicate this post to one of my oldest fans for her birthday. Without her constant spell checks and grammar my posts would be filled with a lot of spelling errors. Happy Birthday to the Meowcenary![/important]

I am personally not a fan of Twilight. I have read the first book (you cannot condemn something based on hearsay after all) and from what I figured it was a terrible story with a vapid protagonist and an even more vapid vampire derived from an Anne Rice character but with a lot more cardboardiness. In short? It was bad mormon tinged Vampire the Masquerade fanfic.

But ladies and young girls loved it. Possibly because it was sloppily romantic or a fantasy or they found some level of sexual and personal gratification from such characters. I suppose having a heroine with such a bland personality allows you to supplant her easily and become the object of the fantasy but I am not a psychologist and honestly don’t give a flying fuck about why anyone would like the book. If you like it then you like it. Maybe, just maybe… Women like highly anaemic men in silly outfits and funny accents.

The amount he spends on bleach alone...

I liked vampires before they were cool and sparkly

However some people just don’t get it. Mark Driscoll is just one such person.

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