Reality vs. Ken Ham

The USA has a major problem with Creationism. Now before you all (Y’all?) descend on me calling me a commie secret muslim (This seems to be a major problem) you have to realise that I actually quite like America. I just feel that a lot of it is wasted on Americans who don’t seem to appreciate what they have. That the crass commercialism and the vapidity of populist American culture makes them ignorant of their own achievements and their own incredibleness that they are forced to make things up and lie to themselves.

The second time I went to the USA I made a trip to the Scripps Aquarium. Oh for those who have been, you would know whose office is near enough to the Scripps Aquarium. I have had the dubious pleasure of seeing Duane T. Gish (AKA Thermodynamics Disproves Evolution because there is an increase of net complexity and no source of energy! AKA the man who never learnt about photosynthesis or indeed noticed the giant ball of nuclear fire in the sky). It was my first “taste” of Creationism.

I was pretty lapsed at this point and began to debate evolution on forums, but I kept getting exposed to more and more creationists as time went by. My initial atheism may have been born out of the sheer madness of the violence perpetrated by Hindus and Muslims on each other but I cut my atheist teeth on creationists.

And Zack Kopplin reminds me of the things I fought for. And Zack reminds me that I have met people from the old areas where evolution wasn’t taught. People who forever would be ignorant of science because they were taught applied theology instead. People who genuinely believed in 6000 year old planets and 4000 year old floods and the like. I remember things like Dr. Dino and his museum piece of a giant. I was a kid but remember laughing at those silly things while people like Hitchens and Dennet and Dawkins fought against such silliness.

And now Zack Kopplin has come under the firing line of the always amusing Ken Ham. [Read more…]

Reality is Dangerous, Fantasy is Safe

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

Or at least that’s Ken Ham’s New Year message. With a touch of “Won’t someone think of the children!”. That they need saving from our “secular culture” (I am sure he would be begging for his secular culture if Islam were given equal footing as his bullshit)

But watching Ken Ham’s latest spat against…

Pat Robertson.

Yeah I don’t need to say anything! Just watch the fireworks!

OH and I may cover “Already Gone” in my parody way…