It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – It’s A Bad Day for Rain

It’s one of the stories that makes my heart grow a little bit (in a “nice way”, not a congestive cardiac failure way).

You don’t need to be religious or not to realise that humans are intrinsically capable of good and that sometimes that capacity can astonish you.

And this kid probably thinks what he does isn’t “special”.

That’s the brilliant thing about being human. You can do the most extraordinary things and still think it’s perfectly normal.

It’s not all Doom and Gloom

I have been really depressed over the past few days due to my parents threatening me with “ostracisation” if I don’t leave Tiga, and two things got me out. The support of Tiga for me and realising that people are amazing and that I should spend just as much time with amazing people and with amazing stories rather than just surround myself with misery.

This is just beautiful…

Lest we forget, there are probably more amazing people in the world than wankers.

It’s just that the wankers are very very loud.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom – Rachel’s Water

I am a big fan of Russel Howard’s Good News (It’s a british comedy show) and every episode ends with something good. News generally is just horrible things. Good things rarely make the news. And for all my rants about various really sad issues and about idiots who think ignorance is an equal viewpoint to science there are beautiful things in the world done by real people. I wanted to start a series of posts on stuff that isn’t bitterly sad and deeply disturbing.

So this week’s story of amazing things is Rachel. Rachel tried to raise $300 to send to Africa for clean drinking water. She fell short with just $220. It was her birthday wish to give people in Africa water. A 9 year old refusing presents to send money to Africa to help create infrastructure is a good thing. A month later she passed away in an accident.

When people heard about her birthday wish they raised over a $1,000,000 for water infrastructure.

Clean drinking water is a necessity not a luxury. Show them some love too. Charity: Water still is out there building infrastructure. Give some money, if you cannot pass it on so someone else can.