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Apr 20 2014

Happy? No We Are Not!

One of the arguments I repeatedly use is that for Islam to progress you need to take on board genuine criticism and not hide behind issues. That real criticism helps improve something. If you place your benchmark at the 700 AD mark and decide the zenith of human achievement was achieved and since then everything …

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Apr 14 2014

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and CAIR

I am torn, on the one side I am aware of the excesses of Islam and the need to combat its excesses. On the other side I am aware of the right wing talking points with regards to Ayaan Hirsi Ali and some of the things she has said. I disagree with her all or …

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Apr 13 2014

Islamic Economics of Sex

This one was particularly idiotic. I had written a fair few articles decrying the Burkha and Niqab. Listen, I don’t mind that it’s a cultural outfit in many parts of the Middle East. I don’t mind that it is a choice for some women. But for most women the choice is very biased. You are …

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Apr 09 2014

BenBaz Aziz – Reading A Book (Part 1)

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Apr 02 2014

I Don’t Believe in Saudi Arabia

It is illegal to be an atheist in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, such thought is un-Islamic. But what does that really entail?

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Apr 01 2014

An Islamic Defence of FGM

FGM is on the rise in the USA, so I figured I should resurrect an old piece of fundamentalism. The usage of Islam to defend Female Genital Mutilation is a major stumbling block in achieving progress. This is a major issue with fighting the practice, however let us be clear here. The practice is also …

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Mar 27 2014

Is This Humane or Wahaabism?

We all know that Islam’s modern face is tarnished by the spectre of extremism and apologetics who cover for the extremists. We know that the good in Islam is being poisoned by the bad and that real progress cannot take place without Muslims willingly ostracising their fundamentalists. Right now, the biggest threat to Islam is …

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Mar 23 2014

A Second Rwanda

“I cannot help thinking that if the Central African Republic were not a poor country hidden away in the heart of Africa, the terrible events that have taken place and continue to take place would have stimulated a far stronger and more dynamic reaction by the outside world. How many more children have to be decapitated, …

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Mar 15 2014

Free Speech – Birmingham Mosque Bows Before Extremism

The BBC is an institution in the UK. Home of Dr. Who and some incredibly good TV, the BBC is generally the gold standard of Brit TV. And they had a show called “Free Speech” where they discussed things that were controversial. Asifa Lahore posited the question. “One Question I would Like to ask the …

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Mar 05 2014

Guest Post – An Introduction by Ben Baz Aziz


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