Age of Kali – A Year On

I got this mail last year. It effectively asked me why I wasn’t willing to stand up and say something about the Indian rape. Why my blog was filled with the stories of women and indeed men who fought against the rape.

Why not my story of the Indian Rape Riots and Protests?

I had a good reason. I am Indian by ethnicity. Not by nationality and my culture is “British Asian” which is a weird amalgam. That was the story of women in India, not my story of my time on the lines.

But it’s been a year. So I wanted to write about what I did and what I saw. [Read more...]

Age of Kali – If We Do Not Criticise Islam

(An FIR is a First Information Report. It’s a little catch all for “told the police and wrote a case up about someone with the idea of pressing legal charges against them”.)

If we do not criticise Islam, then the people who require criticism will keep having free reign and will drag Islam down the dark path it already is in. Where they will silence their moderates and liberals and where they will rule with the fear of the Fatwa. Where they have hordes of “true” Muslims at their beck and call who will happily persecute and even execute the Muslims and anyone else who aren’t “true”.  [Read more...]

Progress Report

Sustainable progress is the name of the game.

When I first started out in India one of my projects was a tiny fishing village. Owing to sustained and interactive charity development we not only created economic growth, a lower environmental impact and progress through education but also improved their overall health. [Read more...]

My Day

Medication is a powerful thing. The medicines we prescribe and take can change the lives of people.

So when they stop using the medicine the change is phenomenal.

On the train back home, I watched an old lady suddenly turn her head and fall to the floor while convulsing. I responded and identified myself and then began to administer aid. [Read more...]

Age of Kali – In the Wake of Disaster, There will Always Be Vultures

For those who are unaware, the Northern State of Uttarkhand in India has serious flooding and has lost more than 600 people to the floods with many hundreds still stranded there.

And there will always be  vultures who try and profit from the death and suffering of others.

Often to flog their stupid beliefs. [Read more...]


The death toll from flooding and landslides following heavy monsoon rains in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand is close to 600 at the moment.

More than 40,000 people are still stranded in what the government has described as a “national crisis”.

Officials have admitted a lack of co-ordination in the rescue effort.

Early monsoon rains in India this year are believed to be the heaviest in 60 years.

The rainy season generally lasts from June to September, bringing rain which is critical to farming. This year the rains began early and were heavier than normal. While this means that crops will be better, it also means flooding, diarrhoeal diseases, malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

Thousands are still missing in Uttarakhand, many of whom were on pilgrimage. Aid collections have begun with many charities sending supplies and workers down to assist.