Age of Kali – Of Course AVfM! It’s Misandry!

I caught Anil’s article from A Voice for Men (not doing that joke again… Sorry Cromwell) but missed out on this one by Paul Elam.

It’s an article less about reaching out to India and more about touching it up on a bus.

We are aware that there are many significant abuses of men happening in India, and that there is an emerging and rather robust movement there trying to address problems. One of the most egregious of those problems is misuse of section 498a of the Indian Penal Code, which has led to the imprisonment of innocent men, their families and friends, based on false accusations from wives of the accused.

As Paul is aware the norm in India is to “buy” a husband. You pay a sum of money (often quite a lot) for one. it is common enough a practice. It may not be in hard cash but it is in other ways such as gold, property and things that are useful.

I went to a wedding where the total cost was Rs. 10,000,000 all footed by the girl’s family. Oh? The new couple also got a lovely new flat, gold and a car (Around Rs. 7,000,000) from the bride’s parents. No one forced them in this case but that’s the “tradition”. And when tradition isn’t followed things often get clumsy.

These women tend to meet with an extraordinary number of accidents. They just happen to fall down stairs and set themselves on fire in kitchens (I have been cooking for nearly 12 years and not once have I managed to set myself or anyone on fire.). Sometimes they seem to meet with a particularly bizarre accident involving their saris and scarves mysteriously tying themselves to ceiling fixtures, winding round their necks in an accidental loop pattern and then these women end up accidentally falling off the chair they were standing on. Sometimes these clumsy women fall on knives (repeatedly. I assume the floor was slippery) or accidentally eat things that are poisonous. Some times they even mistake battery acid for water and accidentally throw it on their faces.

Women are so very “accident prone“. It’s a wonder we even let them out of the house… Am I right Paul?

AVfM has done several pieces on the problems with misandry in that country, from women’s and police brutality against men for attempting to board “woman only” train cars. We covered one story in which a man was actually thrown off a train car while it was moving, resulting in serious injuries.

Well, that’s the problem you see. Women are so clumsy that if you leave them around men they just seem to fall off trains. As I said before, if we kept them at home they wouldn’t fall on penises by accident or fall off trains.

Maybe if they had a “good” man like Paul to help them. I am sure he would have done precisely what needed to be done to keep these women safe. With all his “chivalry“.

There is a reason for women only cars. I understand Paul Elam is all about “the men” but frankly he can fuck off for all I care on this issue. I am sure he has many good points in his plethora of arguments as to why women are full of cooties but in this case he is an idiot.

We have even seen a story in the Indian press about a politician offering a bounty for women to publicly beat and humiliate husbands who they allege have abused them, or if they think he drinks too much, with escalating payments. More of a beating, more physical damage, means more money.

Yes, because all the women in India are fighting back against men. Why don’t you know who the face of Indian feminism was?

The Man Eater of Uttar Pradesh and Bandit Queen of India is pretty much the reality of India in Elam’s mind. A Tiger in A Dress may be what India needs. I am starting to see her point. Paul’s support for “the men who think this way” is poison to the equality of women across the world. I bet he would be on the side of the Saudi government. After all women don’t need to drive.

While we cover a lot about events in harshly misandric countries like Sweden and Australia, it may be that India is the most virulently anti-male country on the planet. It makes sense in a way. The more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men.

It’s a wonder that Paul Elam’s tongue doesn’t revolt against such a complete and totally false statement and attempt to strangle him. There is no part of this statement that is even remotely true. The statement is so delusional considering women in North India still struggle to learn how to write.

Unfortunately, there is a naturally occurring gulf between the cultures of the east and west. We still contend with an information barrier that we do not face between western nations.  Simply resigning ourselves to that is not an option.

Oh fuck? Is Elam seriously going to be supporting “the menz” of India? By the Power Of Greyskull, that Lawyer of those rapists was a tool but his excuse was a culture that encouraged such beliefs. Paul has no fucking excuse for his idiocy. Fuck! Do the women of the Slymepit where his fans also lurk realise that their “free speech” is going towards “stopping Indian Women From Getting Equality?”.

Or is it genuinely a case of “you know if they speak out they will be the next Jen or Ophelia or Greta”?

In that spirit I would like to extend a hand of friendship and a request to the men and women of India who are watching the legal system there attack men and erode Indian families. Please step forward and help us tell the world. I think it will benefit us all if we have a correspondent from your nation that could bring us reports and updates on events there that we all share concerns about. We here in the west need to pay attention to what is happening in India, and raise as much awareness as possible.

A woman was sodomised by an iron rod causing her colon to rupture. This would leak faecal material and bacteria over the peritonieum resulting in infection and rapid septicaemia leading to death. Do you have any fucking idea how batshit insane that is? And that the defence for these “fine upstanding men” are planning to run with “She’s a Slut” and “Her Boyfriend is A Pantwaist” as an actual fucking defence. That people are genuinely saying that she should have prayed or summoned Krishna or generally not been outside the house?

Fuck! I think India would benefit by stopping men from going outside the house because clearly they cannot keep it in their pants! (A suggestion from a protester)

The women of India think you should stop talking.

I think you should go fuck the high horse you rode in on. India ill needs the likes of MRA to complicate a problem with their bullshit. You are giving a voice to people who fight the rights of women in a country where they are afforded precious little by society.

Then again, those women do seem to be awfully accident prone.

Age of Kali – A Voice for Morons || MRAs weigh in on India and it’s Men

There are always people who simply don’t get it. Whether they demand we specifically eliminate the people they know who don’t fit the sub-set or because they themselves cannot recognise a problem that’s endemic. Or worse are angry that their well established domination of society is being eroded.

It’s no secret now that India is not kind to it’s daughters. While some of it’s sons have rallied magnificently to help make a change some of them have been rather more recalcitrant. Some of them are unfortunately Men’s Rights Activists and indeed, A Voice for Men makes it clear that these “men” are welcome to spread their uniquely privileged world view upon the rest of us.

I was sorry for not thinking about “the men” earlier today, so I shall make amends…

So without further adieu here’s Anil Sharma’s take on the way women have it better in India than “the men”. [Read more…]