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Jun 07 2014

I Get Mail – MRA and India

India is a deeply conservative country that’s sexually repressive for both sexes. If you took off your sexist gender goggles you might be able to discuss deeper issues than ‘rape’ and ‘rape’ and more ‘rape. There are Cast issues of profound significance. Huge ethnic and religious tensions that spin off into riots. There are Maoist …

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Jun 05 2014

A Voice for Me! – A Response to an MRA question

We cannot be sexist. What about Janet Bloomfield and Karen Straughan? Why would women join us in our fight if we are misogynistic? Why do you ignore their existence?  

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Jun 04 2014

Not the Ducks!/I Get Mail – No Doctor

It has been a long day, so I figured you guys could do with some laughs.

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May 28 2014

I Get Mail – Sex

I don’t think anyone should be sending their children to government buildings to learn about the perils or pleasures of intercourse or masturbation or sodomy. I don’t think government schools should teach kids about sex. Funny thing happens here.

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Apr 15 2014

A Voice for Me – It’s not Racism if you don’t know the Context

Racism against Asians gets a free ride. Oh come now, we know this. For the most part the face of Asians is either Chinese or Indians (if we ever do get considered as being in Asia.), and we are generally considered an acceptable target for two very simple reasons.

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Mar 16 2014

I Get Mail – Flee!

Indians,Chinese,Israeli’s,Germans living in US start preparation to get out of US and move back to your native country, A nuclear retaliation against US is imminent .

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Dec 18 2013

I Get Mail – Moar Hate?

Okay so the hate mail count over actually pointing out racism in the game is at a whopping…

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Dec 17 2013

I Get Mail – Moar Hate

The Trifecta is Reached! Fuck you you nigger faggot! I bet you cry like a bitch because your skin is not white. Can’t be white so you want to be a jap! The Trifecta and a casual insult at the Japanese. I assume it’s because I was using a champion in League of Legends inspired …

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Dec 16 2013

I Get Mail – It’s Your Fault

I knew this would happen before I wrote about racism and gaming. It’s clear that gamers take criticism poorly. It’s also clear that there are a large number of people who don’t think racism is a problem or something to be opposed. There are also a sufficient amount of people who simply like shouting Gay/Nigger/Jew …

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Nov 08 2013

I Get Mail – Hate Mail

This one’s proper frothing at the mouth fundie. “Behold thus saith the Lord. The day is come that I will bring my wrath upon this land that has polluted mine words. Ye have forsaken my statutes and judgments. Ye feed and shelter the murders while widows struggle and mourn. Who is foolish enough to take authority over the …

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