I Get Mail – Dipanjan Biswas – You Should Give the Homeopaths a Chance

I don’t understand the fuss and I think this post is really very commercial. If Homeopathy can treat Ebola and save thousands of lives, its worth a try. How does it matter what it contains as long as it can SAVE YOUR LIFE. A Wife will bless it for saving her husband, a child will bless it for saving his parents, a mother will bless it for saving her son. You make ego sound more important that drawing a smile in people’s faces ! You are demeaning life in this way. You should be infected with Ebola and then after that think about writing this post.
You seem to be a writer working for the medical companies’ profit rather than for the entire human species. Had these remedies been so easy, Ebola would not have been this famous as AIDS because they are almost untreatable. But the most famous treatments come from the oddest of places. Thank God you are not a doctor !
Do remember that it was Socrates who was executed once for proposing once what the entire world believed was false. He was executed for telling that the earth revolves around the earth wheareas the world at that time believed the opposite and for this he was executed. We are far from Socrates time but you are speaking like one of the people from their times and so are the people who are supporting the cause without doing an investigating on their own. Stop behaving like puppets and use the brain God has given you.
I am not saying that Homeopathy is the only solution but it should be given a chance to be one of the solutions.


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I Get Mail – MRA and India

India is a deeply conservative country that’s sexually repressive for both sexes. If you took off your sexist gender goggles you might be able to discuss deeper issues than ‘rape’ and ‘rape’ and more ‘rape. There are Cast issues of profound significance. Huge ethnic and religious tensions that spin off into riots. There are Maoist rebels raising up against capitalist interest and you can only focus on RAPE.

I’d much rather here from those in India instead of those in the west who demonize other countries so they can feel superior.

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I Get Mail – Moar Hate

The Trifecta is Reached!

Fuck you you nigger faggot! I bet you cry like a bitch because your skin is not white. Can’t be white so you want to be a jap!

The Trifecta and a casual insult at the Japanese.

I assume it’s because I was using a champion in League of Legends inspired by Japanese Samurai and indeed The Seven Samurai (hence the High Noon outfit).

Well done sir. I see you have managed to be as concentratedly insulting as possible in a SINGLE line.

I would take my hat off to you but I lack one. Kudos! I am sure your mother will be proud of your achievement!

BTW it goes without saying the racists who post these are “banned”. It’s quite spectacular but if you headbutt the banhammer then there is no helping you.

I Get Mail – It’s Your Fault

I knew this would happen before I wrote about racism and gaming.

It’s clear that gamers take criticism poorly. It’s also clear that there are a large number of people who don’t think racism is a problem or something to be opposed.

There are also a sufficient amount of people who simply like shouting Gay/Nigger/Jew because there are no repercussions and “free speech damnit”.

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