How to Cripple Healthcare

This isn’t up for debate really. A socialised medical system is pound for pound the most cost effective method of guaranteeing the health of a population.due to a large emphasis on preventative medicine, subsidised costs, economies of scale and the like.

Now people look at the NHS bloat and don’t realise that the bloat is bad but not as bad as the USA’s. The US government spends nearly double what we do for a slightly worse system of healthcare with regards to outcomes.

In addition? The privatised medical sector played a large part in the destruction of the economy. One of the major reason for bankruptcy and foreclosure or indeed taking out a overdrawn sub-prime was healthcare costs.

So along came Obama Care and IMHO it’s not enough. It’s propping up a failing system. You may as well go the whole hog really. [Read more…]

Not Feeling Too Great

[important]Acceptance for who you are is extremely important and as many people don’t know Hera (My Girlfriend) had an abdominal hernia surgery and a stomach band put in. This wasn’t exactly done according to what she wanted. Despite objections I had I felt her family was way too “keen” about it. She did want the band and for the past 6 weeks was incredibly happy with it until the sepsis. I understand the fear of obesity and it’s effects on the human body. Let us get this straight, neither me or Hera think obesity is healthy. And both of us struggle to keep our weight down. I unfortunately came from a youth filled with rugby and the associated appetite that I don’t get to burn off and so am overweight. But Hera’s problem was exacerbated by PCOS and so a band was recommended. It’s just that normally you go through a lot of prep but that did not occur in her case due to her family hurrying things along. Honestly? It left a bad taste in my mouth. And for this? Hera wishes to speak on what happened and what it’s like to be denigrated for something you have trouble with. We both still want to keep our weight under control and in my case lose some more but her scars are real. She fears that the scars left make her unattractive. I frankly am covered in scars and frankly if I look good with mine then so does she. I don’t agree with the way she was treated and I didn’t realise how much she kept from me to make sure I was liked by her family. But this is painful to read.[/important] [Read more…]

Neumann Convictions Upheld

Eleven-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died of undiagnosed diabetes on Easter Sunday in March 2008. She was at her parents’ home in the central Wisconsin village of Weston.

She died because Dale and Leilani Neumann, ignored obvious symptoms of severe illness as their daughter became too weak to speak, eat, drink or walk, choosing to pray rather than take her to a doctor. After the girl died, Leilani Neumann told police God would raise the child from the dead. They genuinely believed that. [Read more…]

FGM Hotline

The UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Hotline goes live today.

It is estimated that roughly 70 women a month are brought in with complications with regards to the practice. Most of these are young children.

The UK police are treating the practice as child abuse and a special help line to ask both about legal advice and to seek help if you have or know someone who is at risk or has been subject to this practice. [Read more…]

Food – Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

One of the biggest killers in the world is malnourishment. It’s a global issue and covers a variety of conditions affecting both the developed and the developing nations.

It’s a global phenomenon. Yes you did hear me right, we in the west have malnourishment issues just as much as we in the developing world face it but the faces of the two things are different. [Read more…]