I Get Mail – Why I haven’t been blogging

Well a few people asked me why I haven’t been keeping up with my prolific blogging as normal.

The sad fact of the matter is that I have PTSD and that it sometimes becomes very hard to feel like doing anything.

I was extremely depressed because of the way my parents behaved. I was shocked and appalled and it made me depressed. I had a “bad time” ™. It’s a beast I struggle with daily. I normally have it under control, this is the first time I have felt it’s lash in nearly 4 years. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – You Called?

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you should know that Anita Sarkeesian’s series on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is up…

If you haven’t heard about it then here are some simple facts. Anita is a feminist. Anita wanted to analyse a hobby notorious for it’s racism and sexism. Which is “Videogames”.

When she pointed out she was going to do this the response was not positive. She was subject to a campaign of harassment and bullying (because nothing says “No Sexism” like screaming “Shut Up Bitch”) which ironically lead to more people hearing about her project and kickstarting her project so hard that it expanded to “ridiculous levels”. Some of the arguments were vile. Some of them were the old “There are Starving Children in Africa and You Want to Donate to Frivolity” Arguments. Charity One-Upmanship and Overt Sexism proved the need for such a project.

So come the new year the ugly head of the naysayers began rattling again. There were plans from people to report her for breaking the terms of her Kickstarter because she had posted a image of her next to a pile of games. The muckraking began again.

Guess what? The first episode of her series is out.