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Mar 26 2013

Hags of Lag – Want

Shut up and take my (future) money! I used to live with one of the people who wrote bits for Shadowrun and who was well known in the community. Shadowrun is a rather cool universe and to see a game being made on it’s IP is always good.

Mar 20 2013

Hags of Lag – Thunderfoot doesn’t get Regressive Crap

Cultural commentary has often not “got” games. Okay the word on a lot of game sites has been Anita Sarkeesian’s video. And there is something I realised. Thunderfoot is pretty strong among the gaming community. Nearly every person I normally play games with sent me this link either to cover, to rage about or in …

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Mar 10 2013

Hags of Lag – It’s Art

There has been a fairly long debate as to whether video-games can ever be considered art (or not). Much has been A bunch of video games got inducted into the New York Museum of Modern Art and Brian Moriarty doesn’t think it’s a sensible idea to do so.

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Mar 09 2013

Hags of Lag – This is Why No One Takes Us Seriously

If you ever wondered why no one takes gamers seriously? It’s people like this. He is basically taunting a single player who he targets for “lolz”. His entire goal is to make play for that one person absolutely miserable. This isn’t “a one off plan”. This is a concerted effort by a player and his …

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Mar 08 2013

Hags of Lag – You Called?

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then you should know that Anita Sarkeesian’s series on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games is up… If you haven’t heard about it then here are some simple facts. Anita is a feminist. Anita wanted to analyse a hobby notorious for it’s racism and sexism. Which is “Videogames”. When …

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Feb 19 2013

Hags of Lag – Learn to Report Honestly

The Hollywood Reporter’s taken an “interesting” stance on Adam Lanza (the American School Shooter at Sandy Hook) Note how they blame Videogames (I will point out? There is a reason why we want our gamer population to behave a bit more “sensibly”. Because calling people fags and various racist things makes us an easy fucking …

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Feb 10 2013

Hags of Lag – Boobs = Camwhores =/= Gamers

If you haven’t read it already, Kotaku has a phenomenal article on the treatment of female e-sport players and streamers. The overt sexism and racism within our hobby is strangling the quality of games we play. In a world of increasing social value of gaming and a move from a single player to a multi …

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Jan 31 2013

Hags of Lag – Guns don’t Kill People, Videogames Do

The USA loves scapegoating. The lack of technological acumen within the US government makes them prone to scapegoat things that aren’t really the issue. You shouldn’t blame sexting on mobile phones, you should blame it on a culture that encourages the sexualisation of children and teenagers. And US Senator Lamar Alexander should know better than …

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Jan 31 2013

Hags of Lag – League of Legends and Bans

If you haven’t been following the drama on League of Legends then there is a little ray of hope about gaming. You see, a company that plays games finally took a stand on it’s players. It named and shamed people responsible for making the game experience worse for others. Now you may wonder, why this …

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Jan 28 2013

Hags of Lag – Power of Anonymous

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2byfNvzfOHs I don’t agree with it entirely, but I agree with the core message. I would add “Anonymity” is powerful and the personas we create are important. And yes, I have caught myself doing some of the things he mentioned. And it may explain why we aren’t liked even if we produce original content. I …

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