Would you play a game where the protagonist was a Nazi?

It’s a rather “puzzling” surprise to many readers that I do play games. While poking around someone asked me a question.

Why can’t you play a game as a Nazi? Why can’t you play a WW2 game where you play as the “baddies”. I thought about it and I do have a genuine answer as to why that is possible but why no one would take the risk.

But we did play a Call of Duty game where we played the “Historic Bad Guys” (but at the time good guys). We played as Russians in the first two Call of Dutys, back when it was about showing the viewpoint of historical soldiers. Who here played Call of Duty 2 and forgot the training mission where you learnt to fight with potatoes because grenades are expensive, you are not.

So would someone ever make a game where you played one of the Axis powers in WW2?  [Read more…]

Tea Party Needs to Check their Sources

This year saw the release of Bioshock Infinite. A game about choice and about racism and indeed a game that was well loved and well appreciated.

But it is set in a floating city of racists. Where White Racists used a black, Irish and Native American population to run their floating utopia. The sense of small town America in the sky breaking apart when you first have to stone (well throw baseballs at) people guilty of the crime of “miscegenation”. And you slowly delve into a world powered by racism and oppression.

A part of the Tea Party and the “Patriots” of the USA didn’t check their source. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Racism, Riot and the Gaming Community

These are one of the least viewed threads. I know because a lot of atheists don’t play games.

I do. But one of the problems in “games” is pretending to be white.

You pretend to be white, male and straight online. Because Pacman help you if they find out.

A woman? You are fat, ugly or slutty. Black? Nigger! Jew? Every single anti-semitic term possible as if it was Black (armband?) Friday at the Nazi store. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Despicable Action, Help Correct It

For the gamers among you, most of you realise that my gaming posts don’t do all that well. There are but a handful of us who play around here and many say it doesn’t suit the tone of the blog (Look all my posts can’t be about quacks, horrible people and religious fanatics). I am aware that these are some of my least read posts (It’s why I label them under Hags of Lag – Those who don’t want to read about digital shootemups can ignore the piece).

For those who are unaware, the Extra Life is a charity where gamers do what they love and fundraise money for charity. It was seen as a way for the gaming community to give back. It was seen as a way to make games do some good and be more than just about games and having fun. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Propaganda

I hope you aren’t clicking on that link I put up earlier.

Games have gone hand in hand with propaganda over the years. A propaganda game is a game with an “ulterior motive” and sponsored by someone who wishes to be seen in a good light. Some of it is “pretty lame” like the various “games” that North Korea has demonstrated. Some of it’s pretty smart, like America’s Army.

America’s Army was a smart propaganda game because it tried to portray the life of a soldier in a more positive and realistic light. It was a purpose driven propaganda game rather than say… Call of Duty – Modern Warfare who’s propaganda was just a product of the time we live in and the audience it was aimed at. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Tauriq Moosa Wishes To Usurp Us

We were doing this before it was “cool”…

That upstart newbie Tauriq Moosa has the audacity to demand our help on his blog! What is he? Lazy! Honestly!

So he is jumping on the sexism in gaming bandwagon. I am sure we have heard it all before. So what do I want you to do?

On no accounts must you click on this link. Which link you ask? This link right here. Not clicking on it? Good!

On no accounts must you go there if you have anecdotes playing games and have stories of abuse in the gaming industry or community. On no accounts must you go there if you have worked in games. All he wants from you is your anecdotes. And who wants to be listened to!

Bah Humbug! Hags of Lag was doing it before it was cool…

Hags of Lag – New PC

If you hadn’t heard already, I have a new PC and that means I can do many things like surf the Internet, do my work and indeed relax on a Saturday with a few games.

I know a lot off people were “miffed” that I asked for help in getting a new one and I know my readers responded with naught by generosity.

So Thank You.

But what this means? What this really really means? That I get to play games on a Saturday Evening!

So if you haven’t already joined me and JT Eberhard on League of Legends then “do so now“. If anything? We FTBulllies can wipe his smug opera singing smile off his face by  proving once and for all we are the superior blog!

Or you know… we can just sit around and play some games.

Hags of Lag – *Thunderfoot doesn’t get Regressive Crap II – Electric Boogaloo

Well he is at it again!

I have been sat on this for a while because stuff kept happening that required me to run around and be busy. I just attended an all day medical conference (on Breast Cancer and Reconstruction) and figured I need to unwind a bit. (I do have a post about my conference and it is indeed “something for the men”, but today is about the ladies).

So Thunderfoot had my curiosity, and now he has my attention.

It also helps that I have a laptop now.

So let’s see what’s up this time. [Read more…]