Steve Hickey – Medical Opinion on “The Gay”

I got this from someone demanding I respond to this “stellar” argument.

It is no surprise that most of our cultural “anxiety” over the Gay Man (and really it is the gay man that we fear). And what we fear are two things.

1. The Leather Daddy – The stereotype being that this leather clad lothario will ravish us in our sleep.

And we may like it….

2. The Effeminite Stereotype – The stereotype being that all our children will be like this and somehow western civilisation will fall because we can no longer wrestle bears without chipping a nail.

Unless that’s what you are into.

Jokes aside? Hatred of homosexuality is entrenched in religion. Deeply so. It is what taints our bias towards this. It is what makes us go “Eurgh”. Because for centuries it was taboo. It was acceptable to kill it’s practitioners and torment and torture them.  [Read more…]

Jar of Hearts

There seems to be a trend out there, a Christian person on an organisation voices what is a rather ordinary opinion and receives a backlash for it from other Christians.

I wrote a letter to/for World Vision pointing out how their Christian Charity put the children at risk. That “good” Christians who wished to defend the sanctity of marriage were incapable of defending the sanctity of a child’s future. That thousands of children’s sponsorships were cancelled because World Vision was going to stop discriminatory hiring practices. Children in developing nations were held hostage to a Christian Temper Tantrum. And Christians walked away feeling all smug. They had done a good deed. They were so principled that they were willing to deny children charity just to stop gays being hired by World Vision USA. [Read more…]


Homo-Terrorism is on the rise, a straight man is not safe to walk outside the house without fearing the glittery sting of organisations such as Al-Gayda and Lesbollah. A straight man cannot walk unattended without being subjected to a barrage of glitter. The wards are filled with the victims of our recent war on homosexual terrorism when we invaded the Island of Lesbos and our subsequent wars in Lebanon and Libya (because they sounded a bit similar and there is no smoke without flaming).

Brendan Eich’s tears have unleashed the kraken of Libertarians who believe that his beliefs “aren’t so bad” and that he should be free to believe and campaign for bigotry and that any campaign against him somehow breaks the rules. And naturally his right wing friends have come to his aid.

And they don’t come wingnuttier than BarbWire’s Jeff Allen. [Read more…]

Forbes – It’s a Free Country for Brendan Eich

If you hadn’t already heard? Brendan Eich stepped down as the CEO of Mozilla, developer of the Firefox Browser after suddenly realising that people who make up both the tech industry and it’s major consumers loathe to deal with a homophobe.

Shocking, I know. Bigots not being tolerated, but there are defenders. And they come from the usual place of libertarians and the supporters of such bigotry. Where what is more important are not the real world repercussions of bigotry but the ethos.

And Forbes’s Tony Bradley weighs in to defend Eich. [Read more…]

I Get Hate Mail – Sochi 2014

Apparently people have taken offense to me repeating a joke I heard by Andi Osho.

I cannot believe you would politicize the olympics. The olympics are about human achievement, what have you done with your fag life that is as important as the olympics? I bet you are fat, ugly and no one would fuck you. Not even the gays. Why do you have to bring politics into sport? What great things have you achieved? I bet you were picked last for sports.

[Read more…]

Separation of Sex and State – Why A Libertarian Sex Ed does not Work

There is a general notion among the libertarians that society would be much simpler and better if we didn’t have all that pesky government interference.

That the sum total achievement of one man exceeds that of the group, that somehow the group holds us back. To which I say that the Libertarians have a very narrow view of human endeavour and also labour under the assumption that they are among the elite.

Let’s take Penn Jillette for example, I like his magic, not his politics. The libertarianism he espouses would work fine for Penn Jillete since he is wealthy and this brings stability and affords him the privilege of wealth and the power associated with it which would be respected in a society based on minimal government interference. In this he can guarantee he plays the market to his advantage since he can afford the price.

Libertarians assume they will always be on the top of the pile no matter what and that society is holding them down from their true heights. Not “society costs money to exist and the richest can pay more for it’s upkeep, while you may not see the benefit of minimum wages, meat worker safety law and the reason for delineation between investment and personal banking nor the rationale for securities legislation then you will forget that no man is an Island and that such short sightedness has lead to falls in standards and falls in the economy since this is not a meritocracy but a system that encourages raw greed. [Read more…]

I Don’t Think You Understand What Insulting Means

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner run Generations Radio, a religious radio station.

What’s so bad about that? Well the lovely Pastors are upset over something called a Rose Bowl Parade.

Googling it nets me a puzzling understanding of this. As I see it, it’s an event in College American Football (Hand-Egg) where there is a lot of cultural stuff attached to it. Like a big party plus a game.

I don’t pretend to understand American Football. It seems to me a game that would be infinitely better if it didn’t keep stopping every 5 minutes and you forced the entire team to play but I play Rugby so I am apparently biased in my sports that involve egg shaped balls. [Read more…]