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Jun 26 2014

Love – Ishq Ki Ijazaat

To Not Be Able to Love the One You Love is to have your life wrenched away.

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May 31 2014

American Shariah – AFA, Bryan Fischer and Harvey Milk

Ah! Bryan Fischer’s AFA. If you ever want to realise that being religious doesn’t make you moral, look no further.

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May 21 2014

Gay “Revolution”

Joseph Farah bemoans the “homosexual progress in or society due to the gay revolution”.

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May 17 2014

Michael Bresciani – Bigotry of Everything

This was a rather puzzling thing to read on the Christian Post. Look, I will hold my hand up here, I am a master of the rambly ginormous post. But this one isn’t going anywhere. Or if it is? I don’t want to go there.

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May 15 2014

I Get Mail – Homophobia

This charmer is from someone who wished to correct me about “homophobia”.

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May 06 2014

5 Lies About Homosexuals – From A Christian

So I got this in my “to be mocked” e-mail list. And figured that in light of the recent emphasis on  dealing with homophobia I should take a look and laugh at some of the arguments that the anti-GLBT brigade believe in.

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May 06 2014

Dr. Tony Evans – Christians Right about Homosexuality, Wrong on Slavery

Tony Evans is on Christian Post discussing that well known Christian issue of homosexuality and how it’s the Church’s job to tell us all how to not approve of gay people.

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May 04 2014

Steve Hickey – Medical Opinion on “The Gay”

I got this from someone demanding I respond to this “stellar” argument. It is no surprise that most of our cultural “anxiety” over the Gay Man (and really it is the gay man that we fear). And what we fear are two things. 1. The Leather Daddy – The stereotype being that this leather clad …

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Apr 27 2014

Jar of Hearts

There seems to be a trend out there, a Christian person on an organisation voices what is a rather ordinary opinion and receives a backlash for it from other Christians. I wrote a letter to/for World Vision pointing out how their Christian Charity put the children at risk. That “good” Christians who wished to defend the …

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Apr 25 2014

HIV/AIDS denialism at the University of London’s School of Oriental And African Studies

University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies has a little blurb on its website. “It’s unique but incredibly inclusive, everyone fits in somewhere”.

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