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Oct 09 2013

Both Sides Can Be Wrong

I ran across a tweet on cultural appropriation which boiled down to mocking someone on A+ Forums discuss cultural appropriation with the response of “Maybe Dudebros should wear a Sari or a Kimono to irritate this person”.

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Jan 08 2013

So Sorry

I have been made aware that both me and Taslima have both been doing something wrong. You see, when we spoke out against rape and when I covered the ways that Indian culture failed with regards to rape I made a horrible mistake. I forgot to delineate between the men who rape and the men …

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Dec 17 2012

The Nice Boys Next Door

I used to live in Leeds, a lovely little city in Yorkshire. Home to the debauchery of the Otley Run, the triple sports of Football, Cricket and Rugby and a tale of tragedy. The first boy was born at the Leeds General Infirmary and lived all his life in Leeds. His father worked as a …

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