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Mar 22 2014

Creationism and Surveying the Evidence

There is a reason why creationists wish to debate and not do research. For starters? There is nothing to research. Biblical research with regards to creationism boils down to “It was magic all along”. There is no divine finger print that can be detected, merely evidence that can be misunderstood. It is why creationists are …

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Mar 11 2014

Jewish Chronicle – I do not think we should teach creationism in schools

This one’s by Abraham Hilsenrath on the Jewish Chronicle. It is rather puzzling to hear non-Christian and Islamic creationists, we often forget that Jews share the same creation mythos and while they may pay lip service to the story they don’t “actively” believe in it. But there are conservative Jews who do if we think …

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Feb 11 2014

Todd Friel’s Evolution Ignorance

You may have seen this on Pharyngula, you may have seen this elsewhere but Todd Friel’s rather bizarre piece is the perfect thing for me to tackle in my post Surgery (exam not as a patient) haze. And it’s been a while, so this is a list.

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Jan 31 2014

Rejection of Some Creationism Still Doesn’t Make Your View Right

It’s getting closer to the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate and creationists are girding their loins for what they think is yet another assault on religion/attempt to do science. But there is a schism between the Intelligent Designers and the Young Earthers with what’s right and what’s wrong. Which is like arguing over which …

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Jan 15 2014

Do I get a special Atheist Prize for being Quote Mined by Ken Ham?

Well do I? I mean isn’t that the gold standard of having made it as a “professional atheist”? Is that not what separates rank amateur from Richard Dawkins? When Ken Ham badly quotes you? And not just that! He’s also drumming up support using me to get his supporters into the pews. But Ken is …

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Jan 12 2014

Ken Ham takes on atheists, progressive Christians and Bill Nye

Ham’s debating Bill Nye. We all know this, we all got the news. Ham vs. Nye, Dr. Dino’s successor as “Creationist Of the Day” vs. The Science Guy. My take on it? Bill’s not going to achieve anything. Science does not progress by debate, Either Bill Nye has to be packing some serious debate firepower …

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Dec 15 2013

The Banana Man Cometh

It is shocking to a Brit who’s country carries Darwin on the currency to hear the “rise of Creationism” in the USA. When I was younger, I participated in the great creationist battles of the Internet. Back when a lot of the creationists genuinely figured that their research matched science. But the legacy of those …

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Dec 08 2013

Creationist Medicine – A Review of a Creationist Medical Paper

Just because you have a degree in a science doesn’t mean what you do is scientific. I have long pointed out that there exist “Doctors” such as Mayer Eisenstein and Suzanne Humpheries who despite being arguably well educated and probably better trained than myself, do not hold themselves with the scientific rigour associated with medicine …

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Oct 26 2013

Evilution II – Caveman Boogaloo

Bryan Fischer joins the three pronged attack on Evilution where he has four points that disprove evolution and thus prove Governor Rick Perry as awesome and on the ball, not a backward hick with no knowledge of science. Bryan Fischer is normally a hate filled sorry excuse for a human being whose crusade to deny homosexuals …

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Oct 20 2013

I Get Mail – 15 Answers for Creationists

In the past few days there has been a new drive by Creation Ministries International in conjunction with Traditional Values Coalition called “Question Evolution” with the focus of restarting the whole Creationist vs. Evolution debate. 15 Questions for Evolutionists

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