Joseph Farah – Da’esh and Obama

I generally am amused by Ed Brayton’s stellar coverage of American Wingnuts but this one seems to have managed to limbo under his radar.

Observe as Joseph Farah enlightens us with a rather amusing article which simply doesn’t get how the world works or indeed the situation. Or maybe he does and he prefers the tired old habit of American Conservatives where they simply lie. [Read more…]

George Will – Making it easier to treat rape does not make us the victims of progressivism

Dear George Will

The victims of progressivism tries to imply that men (and women) cannot change. That the victims of rape are less important than the people who simply cannot understand the concept of consent.

I know who George Will is. To those who are unaware? While my “idea of journalism” mainly came for Photojournalism, I am aware that George Will holds a damn Pulitzer Prize. However? It doesn’t make him good at everything. His commentary on Conservative Politics is okay if you lived in a country where your conservatives aren’t the Republicans or the Tea Party (Party).

His Op-Ed is pretty much par for course with the Republican Party line. Of denigrating and reducing the value of rape in order to control a rash of rape. And they are right. The most effective way to reduce rape is to stop categorising things as rape. So spousal rape? Not Rape! Problem solved! Why! If we define rape as the unlawful and non-consensual sex with a woman (don’t be silly! Men never get raped.) as only stranger on woman the number of rapes drops precipitously. The vast majority of rape is by someone who knows the victim. Hell? Some people have raped without even realising what they are doing is rape.  [Read more…]