William Lane Craig doesn’t like our Help-Line

We all know who he is. Well okay. Most of us know who William Lane Craig is. He is the man who keeps asking Dawkins to debate him as if a debate will demonstrate the existence of a Christian god.

William Lane Craig is a prominent “theologist” who routinely claims that atheism is unsound due to a variety of phillosophical arguments rather than say “real evidence based ones”. And he is not a fan of Recovering from Religion‘s new “Atheist Hotline“.  [Read more…]

For Those Who Think Palestine is Free

A free country is not cut up by walls policed by another country.

Calling it a separation barrier doesn’t change what it is. It’s a walled enclosure around Palestinian lands.

Neither does shooting Palestinians who come near it. Samir Ahmed Awad was the 4th in 5 days.

The barriers must come down. When people like Pat Condell say that “Palestinians are all evil and wish for the destruction of Israel” he ignores these people. A 17 year old kid who died because he tried to run from troops who he threw stones at. And two farmers who were shot on their own land. And a man whose only wish was to earn a living which he cannot because his country is cut up by walls. If you cannot see why Palestinians are angry then think of life in a country where you have no rights because you basically live in really big cages.

I mean Separation Barriers. Because if you call it walls then you imply that Palestinians live in ghettoes, and history suggests that treating a group of people like that doesn’t end well.

Now if you excuse me I should go back to imbibing inscribed information from a bleached cellulose parchment and perusing the internet for a portable computational device.