Steve Hickey – Medical Opinion on “The Gay”

I got this from someone demanding I respond to this “stellar” argument.

It is no surprise that most of our cultural “anxiety” over the Gay Man (and really it is the gay man that we fear). And what we fear are two things.

1. The Leather Daddy – The stereotype being that this leather clad lothario will ravish us in our sleep.

And we may like it….

2. The Effeminite Stereotype – The stereotype being that all our children will be like this and somehow western civilisation will fall because we can no longer wrestle bears without chipping a nail.

Unless that’s what you are into.

Jokes aside? Hatred of homosexuality is entrenched in religion. Deeply so. It is what taints our bias towards this. It is what makes us go “Eurgh”. Because for centuries it was taboo. It was acceptable to kill it’s practitioners and torment and torture them.  [Read more…]

Jar of Hearts

There seems to be a trend out there, a Christian person on an organisation voices what is a rather ordinary opinion and receives a backlash for it from other Christians.

I wrote a letter to/for World Vision pointing out how their Christian Charity put the children at risk. That “good” Christians who wished to defend the sanctity of marriage were incapable of defending the sanctity of a child’s future. That thousands of children’s sponsorships were cancelled because World Vision was going to stop discriminatory hiring practices. Children in developing nations were held hostage to a Christian Temper Tantrum. And Christians walked away feeling all smug. They had done a good deed. They were so principled that they were willing to deny children charity just to stop gays being hired by World Vision USA. [Read more…]

A Response to Damon Linker

The Week’s Damon Linker has an article up about how Atheism isn’t the answer. What the question is? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s the human condition he refers to. Well Mr. Linker is rather wrong.

Atheism is merely the absence  of a god. WIthout a god, you have to chose how you live your life. Most choose wisely and productively despite there being no objective point to being alive. [Read more…]

Witch-Hunter Apostle in the UK

We have written about Helen Ukpabio before. For those who are unaware of this issue?

Culture and Religion sometimes intermingle in unexpected ways. We often don’t realise how the adoption of a new idea will work. Sometimes you get curry, the combination of new world ingredients and asian spices.

Sometimes you get Witchhunters.

[warning]Contains descriptions of witchcraft related torture in Africa and the UK. Contains a Christian Horror Movie Video.[/warning]

[Read more…]

Oh Mr. Pickles, learn which way the wind blows

Britain is a “Christian nation” and militant atheists should “get over it”, according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles.

I have a confession to make.

I technically helped vote for Mr. Pickles and his party.

I voted Lib Dem, they sold out against labour and joined the POLAR OPPOSITE of themselves to form a government thrusting Mr. Pickles to Rt. Hon. Pickles.

And they made him communities secretary. A man  responsible for among other things, Equality and Community Cohesion.

And Mr. Pickles is quite correct.

The UK and Great Britain have traditionally been “Christian Nations”.


Oh sorry! That wasn’t really Christian but Christianity was part of the system of colonialism…

Or we can bring up the various excesses of Catholic, Anglican and Protestants in the UK towards each other. England may have been Christian but certainly didn’t treat each other in a very “Christian” manner.

And that is without the spectre of religious violence that defined places like Scotland and Belfast.

No, I am afraid Eric Pickles lives in a fantasy where our predecessors didn’t torture each other for wearing the wrong hat lest it offend the SAME god. Being proud of that is just idiotic. And I know Mr. Pickles has been working to create a society that is less diverse by giving Christianity a special place and allowing it into politics through the English Parish Council prayers. [Read more…]

World Vision (Except for the Gays)

World Vision are no longer a humanitarian organisation in my eyes.

See living in the UK, World Vision don’t push their Christian Credentials, so it was rather surprising to find out that they are a Christian organisation. So I went to check their American website. So while the British one has a vague reference to “God” the American one is explicitly Christian.

But this one line from their site got me.

We work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

But not sexual orientation, but then World Vision is not a force for equality. Okay it may have forgotten that serving all people includes the GLBT?

So I am rather disappointed in World Vision. [Read more…]

A Second Rwanda

“I cannot help thinking that if the Central African Republic were not a poor country hidden away in the heart of Africa, the terrible events that have taken place and continue to take place would have stimulated a far stronger and more dynamic reaction by the outside world. How many more children have to be decapitated, how many more women and girls will be raped, how many more acts of cannibalism must there be, before we really sit up and pay attention?”

Navi Pillay’s the UN Chief of human rights and she had this to say about the lack of International attention to the ongoing crisis in the Central African Republic. [Read more…]