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Jun 14 2014

3,679 Women


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Jun 07 2014

Atheist vs. Missionary – Pray Civilise us Christian Man

This one’s from the Christian Post

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May 31 2014

American Shariah – AFA, Bryan Fischer and Harvey Milk

Ah! Bryan Fischer’s AFA. If you ever want to realise that being religious doesn’t make you moral, look no further.

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May 23 2014


“People say there are good Muslims in Britain — that may be so — but I don’t trust them, “Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell”. “In Muslim lands Christians are persecuted for their faith. Their homes are burned, their churches destroyed and hundreds of them literally have given their …

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May 20 2014

Not the Ducks! – Christians Against Gardasil

When the mom of a 15-year-old Indiana teen saw the Merck “One Less” campaign, she made sure her daughter Maddie got vaccinated with Gardasil. After the first dose, Maddie started having pain and fatigue. After the second one, she was in such bad shape she couldn’t even go to school. Her mom now says that …

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May 17 2014

Michael Bresciani – Bigotry of Everything

This was a rather puzzling thing to read on the Christian Post. Look, I will hold my hand up here, I am a master of the rambly ginormous post. But this one isn’t going anywhere. Or if it is? I don’t want to go there.

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May 15 2014

I Get Mail – Homophobia

This charmer is from someone who wished to correct me about “homophobia”.

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May 11 2014

Todd Starnes – It’s the sex that is inappropriate

Todd Starnes is rather angry about a book being made available in schools.  The book is Jodi Picoult’s Ninteen Minutes and I am rather amused for the reason why. Let’s first see what his arguments are.

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May 11 2014

Irony Is Dead – Catholics Demand Exorcism Because of Fears of Superstition

Apparently there has been a 6 day long meeting in Rome about the need for exorcists. Because of an increased need to bust ghosts. The claim is that the decline of religious belief in the West and the growth of secularism has “opened the window” to black magic, Satanism and belief in the occult, the organisers …

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May 06 2014

5 Lies About Homosexuals – From A Christian

So I got this in my “to be mocked” e-mail list. And figured that in light of the recent emphasis on  dealing with homophobia I should take a look and laugh at some of the arguments that the anti-GLBT brigade believe in.

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