Update on the DuWayne Brayton and Dave Malarky

So the results of the fundraiser.

We raised a lot of money. In fact a LOT more than we needed. Nearly 200 pounds between us.

We raised enough to get not one walker but TWO out there to Dave. The logic is this. For indoor use there is a walker (A zimmer frame with two wheels) which allows him to use it indoors and in closed spaces. This won’t help him play around. When he is stronger there is a different type of walker that will let him move more surely while providing support (It’s a rollator. A walker with wheels). This will allow him to  walk longer distances unaided and indeed play since he can move faster.

To get one in his size was a big search. I must have called two or three different places and looked at medical supply shops. The thing is 5 year olds are so very rarely hurt in our society so they simply “don’t make them that small”.

Except these two devices.

These were designed for people his age. While the second is mainly for cerebral palsy children it will help strengthen his back and stop him from slouching about too while the first will build his upper arm strength (remember you have to lift it with each step).

So well done to all of you for making this possible. Dave should get his walkers by next weekend. Hopefully before he leaves the hospital.

And in return? Dave may have something special for you guys. They are planning to video him walking and I figure you guys need to see what you have done to realise how important this was to him. The remaining money is to go to Uttrakhand flood relief and will help house and feed dozens of people.

So if DuWayne has to put up with Dave getting up to mischief it is entirely our faults.

So… round of applause. Thank you for helping out.

How to Send A Message

Child abuse is something that’s very common among non-white communities in the west. There is an almost casual nature to it and it’s often funny to “us” because white people don’t hit their kids. We see it as a reason as to why white children are so “badly behaved” while children from our communities are not. [Read more…]

How to Break your Heart



There is nothing happy in this post. There is however something you can do to make others happy. Just writing this broke my heart and genuinely made me tear up. I couldn’t continue writing what I had written without crying. The following post is just that sad. You can’t make this kind of sadness go away. But remember no matter how sad you feel from reading about it, you can do something to help those who feel worse than this.

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A Beehive Of Erotic Exploration – Fear Mongering About the Scouts

Now that I have your attention… This is a perfectly safe for work article. Except for the title. We all know why you clicked here. It’s to satiate your sordid bee lust. And yes I am not above sinking to sexing up my boring articles with pictures of titilation. Want more? Well then you just have to click on the link… [Read more…]

Be Prepared || When Maps Flap, and Knots Fray; Just Remember Scout, “At Least You aren’t Gay”

If you haven’t already heard, various Christian groups are out in force about the Boy Scouts of America trying to be decent (finally) and recognise homosexuals as members.

Amongst the Pearl Clutchers we have the Baptist Press who write news with a Christian perspective.

If by Christian you mean “Raging Homophobes”. [Read more…]

Investigations of Child Abuse Halted In Germany

Well if you haven’t heard already, the current investigation into the abuse of children perpetrated by the Catholic Church in Germany has come to a halt.

The reason? Well the lead researcher complained about the level of control the Church wanted over the investigation.

According to the Church? According to them it was due to a “mutual” shattering of trust. That the methods Pfeiffer used to communicate had made further cooperation impossible. I assume Pfeiffer was using some sort of affront to god (Well they are Catholic Priests so it’s probably a woman made out of condoms) to deliver his messages rather than email things to people.

According to Prof. Christian Pfeiffer who was the lead researcher from the Lower Saxony Criminology Research Institute?

He reported initial compliance but later found that his researchers were being asked to adhere to controls by the Munich Archdiocese. A group representing German dioceses then called for the researchers’ work to be submitted for approval before publication.

In other words? The Church attempted to censor an independent investigation into a shocking crime.

It’s not an independent investigation if you get to place controls and censor the investigator’s work.