Angie’s Children

Angelina was killed in a domestic violence incident that lead to a murder/suicide. She was a non-believer, just beginning to get involved in public/ organized atheism. She was a friend of Mandisa Thomas (founder and current president of Black Nonbelievers, Inc., and member of Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta) and Bridgett ‘Bria’ Crutchfield (board member at Black Nonbelievers, Inc., president of Black Nonbelievers of Detroit, and founder of Minority Atheists of MI).

She leaves three children behind. I understand we do not consider ourselves to be a social group but I think we should look out for those who are in need.

The religious care for their own. It is why they have such a strong social presence. This isn’t a gun to your heads but a demand for us to hold ourselves to the humanitarian principles. It doesn’t matter what tragedy befell their parents.

What matters is that 3 children are alone and missing their mummy and daddy. And what matters is that we need to help them. We may not be able to help all the children in the world, but we can try. And we have to start here.

Pass the word on.

World Vision (Except for the Gays)

World Vision are no longer a humanitarian organisation in my eyes.

See living in the UK, World Vision don’t push their Christian Credentials, so it was rather surprising to find out that they are a Christian organisation. So I went to check their American website. So while the British one has a vague reference to “God” the American one is explicitly Christian.

But this one line from their site got me.

We work in nearly 100 countries, serving all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

But not sexual orientation, but then World Vision is not a force for equality. Okay it may have forgotten that serving all people includes the GLBT?

So I am rather disappointed in World Vision. [Read more…]