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Feb 12 2013

Age of Kali – Vishwaroopam and Censorship

So I managed to watch Vishwaroopam. For those who are unaware of the “controversy”, there is really none. But basically? A bunch of Islamic and Muslim organisations demanded that the movie be banned or heavily censored because of it’s alleged portrayal of Islam. Since the material involved a Jihadi plot out of Afghanistan, it kind …

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Feb 03 2013

Trashy, Glamorous and Insightful – Shobha De

She was (in)famous for writing proper trashy romance lit and pseudo-erotica. Less 50 Shades of grey and more throbbing manhoods… But there was one thing I loved Shoba De for growing up (despite not having read her books) was how much scandal she caused. And let us be honest here. Her books were terrible. But …

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