It’s not all Doom and Gloom

I have been really depressed over the past few days due to my parents threatening me with “ostracisation” if I don’t leave Tiga, and two things got me out. The support of Tiga for me and realising that people are amazing and that I should spend just as much time with amazing people and with amazing stories rather than just surround myself with misery.

This is just beautiful…

Lest we forget, there are probably more amazing people in the world than wankers.

It’s just that the wankers are very very loud.

Suicide is Painless

One of the biggest influences in the kind of doctor I wanted to be wasn’t my parents but a TV show. I know it sounds cliche but everything I learnt about being there for your patients I learnt from MASH.

Suicide in the UK has become the biggest killer of young men aged 30 to 44. Every day 3 young men take their own lives (on average) and a lot of the reasons for their deaths is the recession and economic downturn. In 2011 4500 men took their lives out of 6050 total. To point out how high this number in the 30-44 age bracket is? Suicide caused the deaths of more people than road accidents, murder and HIV/AIDS combined. [Read more…]