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Dec 30 2013

Catholic Youth Leader Abuses A Second Time

The Catholic Church does not have more paedophiles than any other institution with an inordinate power over it’s wards. There are probably as many paedophile teachers as there are priests. However, the problem with the Church is how it dealt with paedophiles. In order to maintain the illusion of a moral high ground, the Catholic …

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Mar 22 2013

Of Popes, Catholics and Atheism

It’s no secret that Atheism and Skepticism are rising movements. What was once a lose confederation of a lack of belief is more organised and more connected thanks to things like the Internet. Love him or hate him, the Pope is the world’s most influential religious leader. Due to his rank as the head of …

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Mar 06 2013

Repost – Dear Cardinal O’Brien

A Copy of the following Letter has been sent to Archdioscean office and Cardinal’s Residence as a voice of complaint against the letter written and published in the Sunday Telegraph by Cardinal O’Brien. If you wish to voice your complaints as well, please take the time to do so and I urge that there are no active threats. …

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Jan 19 2013

Calvary and Ivory – Catholicism and Pachyderm Teeth

Apparently one of the “least publicized and seemingly most easily correctable drivers of the massive elephant slaughter now taking place across Africa” is religion. A lot of religion seems to use ivory in the production of holy goods. Now this includes both legal and illegal ivory, a lot of cultures use it in particular the …

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