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Jun 05 2014

On The Home’s Children and the Catholic Church

What institutions require is oversight. Self awareness. A lot of institutions run across the globe have stellar care. I can put up my own “Spastic Society” work as an example of care within disability (where a lot of the emphasis is inter disabled care and promotion of ability in a society where there are few …

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Jun 02 2014

Home – Another Stain to the Catholic Claim to Morality

Ireland has long been a fortress of Catholicism and it is only fitting that some of the Catholic church’s greatest daemons reside here. TW – Death, Child Abuse Maybe there are worse atrocities that have yet to come to light, but in Ireland we see a combination of the effect of the power of Catholicism, …

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Apr 27 2014

Two New Saints

If you haven’t heard it elsewhere then Pope John Paul the II and Pope John the XXIII have both been sainted. The man who started the Catholic Reform movement and the man who applied the brakes thus playing both sides of that debate between New Catholicism and the Orthodoxy.

Feb 09 2014

The Roman Catholic Church’s New Gaffe

I am tempted to call this article “You won’t believe what the Roman Catholic Church has done now!” Basically? The UN’s produced a report. A report whose TL:DR version boils down to “Why don’t you lot at the Roman Catholic Church have a look in the mirror and have a sodding word with yourself”. It …

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Sep 12 2013

Education? What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing! (Unless you are Male)

So why do we need to educate women? 

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Jul 09 2013


Wait? You want a day where religious people have more say than others? Where people who’s only qualification is “more” belief in a god and a grasp of latin to be making policy? And you want the UK to suddenly stop listening to the Church of England and listen to Catholics instead? You may as …

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Jun 19 2013

Domestic Violence, The Work Place and Catholic Values

At what point does someone else’s problem become our own problem? We all say “Well That’s What We Would Do” but doing something and saying you will do something are two entirely different beasts. But when you are holding yourself (or claiming that you are holding yourself) to higher values than the rest of us …

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Mar 06 2013

A Second Letter – Dear Cardinal O’Brien

Dear Cardinal O’Brien My first letter was extremely harsh. Well to be fair you deserved that harshness. You were utilising a position of power to denigrate and deny the basic right of happiness to a group of people based on prejudices created by a 2000 year old book. There are Gay Priests. There have to …

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Feb 22 2013

Reducing Abortion

Richard M. Doerflinger’s article on Washington Post has me intrigued. How do you reduce abortion? From a medical standpoint? Abortion can be a medical or a surgical procedure, each with specific risks. If we can control and totally reduce unwanted pregnancy we can eliminate these risks.

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Jan 16 2013

Oh Noes! Won’t Somebody Think of the Priests!

The priests of the UK have written a letter in opposition of Gay Marriage, So far it has 1000 signatures and says that allowing gays to get married will lead to persecution against Catholics. Repeat after me. No one is going to force priests to get married to each other. No one is going to …

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