In a Theocracy, the Extremist is King

In Bangladesh there is a sect called the Baul, rather than follow any organised religion, they consider themselves humanists.

A professor from the Baul sect was murdered by an Islamic Fundamentalist Organisation. Why? Because he considered the Burkha a dehumanising piece of clothing and wished to ban its use among students? No because students could utilise a face veil to cheat on exams and that women wearing face veils were having their education harmed by being delineated from discussions as no actual rapport can be built with a veiled person.  [Read more…]


What we see here are photos from the Skateistan School in Afghanistan.

It was a school to try and get kids enjoying something as banal as skateboarding. And these photos were take in 2012.

Since then four have been killed. Victims of an attack by a suicide bomber. Because the little pleasures in life and an opportunity to see children smile?

Is haraam to the Taliban and the fundamentalists who ally themselves to them.

Pray For No Babies, But Condoms Work Better

One of the earliest articles I wrote about was the nature of abortion in the Philippines and in particular what it would mean for an America entranced by the usage of abstinence only education and reduction of women’s access to medicine.

But in the wake of Sandy Hook and the Delhi Rapes a little piece of good news went unheard of…

The grasp of the Catholic Church has weakened, the Philippines recently passed a bill which legalises the provision of contraceptives, a move that the Catholic Church has declared as “promotes promiscuity and destroys life”. The Philippines with a population of 94 million and roughly 30 million people in poverty often struggled with family planning and indeed live in a place where the job market is so saturated that they are forced to export workers in order to make ends meet.

Half the pregnancies in the Philippines are unwanted and a third end up aborted in a country where abortion is illegal. This means that the abortion rate is 1 in 6 despite abortion being illegal. It was considered the home of the back street abortionist.

Poverty, Overcrowding, Homelessness, Crime and Saturated Job Markets are all problems the Church have not helped with and indeed the Church are planning to fight this new law (Well Done Ratzinger! As if you don’t have enough problems in the world without faffing around stopping people from getting condoms!) with a law suit in the works.

In the words of a street vendor called Labadan “You can pray to God for no more babies, but the condom works better”.

There are still battles to be fought so go show your support.