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Jul 11 2014

Lazy Travelling – More Photography


For those who are unaware? I spent the last week under the knife. My wisdom teeth hadn’t erupted and had gotten infected. The infection  had spread to my jaw which was reconstructed and the chain had to be replaced. In short? I was in a lot of pain and needed surgical removal of infected teeth …

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Apr 01 2013

Piano Black – Radioactive Space Rock

I decided to write about about three very nice people who came into my life, fortunately enough they are here to stay. As a teenager who is trying to figure out who I am and what I am doing on this planet. The people I chose whose life story really jumped out to me was …

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Mar 15 2013

Piano Black – The Art of Science

Science is everything, art can help us understand that. Avicenna mentioned to me the other week about finding ways to teach science through art, and I thought it was a great idea. Because it caters to a wider number of people, particularly kids. Kids are important because they are our future; our engineers, teachers, musicians, …

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Mar 10 2013

Hags of Lag – It’s Art

There has been a fairly long debate as to whether video-games can ever be considered art (or not). Much has been A bunch of video games got inducted into the New York Museum of Modern Art and Brian Moriarty doesn’t think it’s a sensible idea to do so.

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Mar 01 2013

Drawing on Water