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Apr 01 2013

Piano Black – Radioactive Space Rock

I decided to write about about three very nice people who came into my life, fortunately enough they are here to stay. As a teenager who is trying to figure out who I am and what I am doing on this planet. The people I chose whose life story really jumped out to me was …

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Mar 15 2013

Piano Black – The Art of Science

Science is everything, art can help us understand that. Avicenna mentioned to me the other week about finding ways to teach science through art, and I thought it was a great idea. Because it caters to a wider number of people, particularly kids. Kids are important because they are our future; our engineers, teachers, musicians, …

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Mar 10 2013

Hags of Lag – It’s Art

There has been a fairly long debate as to whether video-games can ever be considered art (or not). Much has been A bunch of video games got inducted into the New York Museum of Modern Art and Brian Moriarty doesn’t think it’s a sensible idea to do so.

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Mar 01 2013

Drawing on Water