Not the Ducks – How To Make A Homosexual

Long time anti-vax quack Erwin Alber’s got the answer to the age old question.

In what wardrobe have all these homosexuals being hiding in. Was there really some sort of “Gay Narnia”, a natural habitat for homosexuals so deep within the closet that they never were noticed? Or did something in our modern day lives create them? Or indeed should we subscribe to the “crazy” theory that homosexuality is part and parcel of normal existence and that we should ignore any such attempts to make a big fuss about them and leave them to get on with their peaceful lives as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

But my crazy theory that the GLBT are simply normal human beings who like something I don’t consider attractive. I see it as no more different than people who are enthralled by dub-step or indeed how others probably see my love for Marmite and Irn-Bru.

But for many people the existence of homosexuals is a “problem”. The simple existence of one drives some people to apoplectic rage or to turn from nice and well mannered people (or people who appeared to be nice and well mannered) to bigots.

But fear not. Erwin Alber’s on the case! [Read more…]