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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Mayhem Blogathon – There Are Four Lights

Why We Caught Bin Laden! 

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Apr 28 2013

Top 6 Lies by us Lieberals on Boston

I spent a day being “rather sick” thanks to an accidental consumption of soya that I am intolerant to. Let’s just say no would want to be my friend and I figured I should do something fun. Like a List. Or should I say Liest? Today’s epic post of epicness comes from Front Page magazine …

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Apr 12 2013

Alan Keyes uses words. I don’t think he understands what they mean.

I seriously don’t think he does.

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Apr 06 2013

In Defence of Jim Carrey

I know I give the rubbery faced anti-vax kook a lot of grief for his beliefs, but this that’s because he deserves it for that. But Ted “Yosemite Sam” Nugent is an idiot. Dear America. Before we start. The correct argument for using guns is “Guns are Cool”. Not that guns somehow reduce your murder …

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Mar 29 2013


A bill in Kansas which could theoretically allow the forcible quarantine of those who suffer from HIV/AIDS. Ignore the spin on the article, it’s fantastic but the law in question allows for the quarantine of those who suffer a communicable disease and by chance “HIV/AIDS” comes under that category.

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Mar 29 2013

I Get Mail – Against Marriage

This was sent in by a reader for me to cover and in light of the gay marriage debate in the USA, I figured I should weigh in. This comes in from Life in the Liturgy which is a blog written by Samuel Stanton who appears to be either a priest or a priest to …

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Mar 29 2013

Vagina Monologue

The following post is NSFW because it contains “Naughty Words”.

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Mar 28 2013

Girls or Sport? It’s got to be Sport

After posting on the Steubenville Rape Case, I pointed out the link between the fanatical association of high school football with money and the privileged treatment of people whose talent at sports gives them a free ride. In this case? Support from various groups after raping someone. What’s more bizarre is this story.

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Jan 31 2013

Hags of Lag – Guns don’t Kill People, Videogames Do

The USA loves scapegoating. The lack of technological acumen within the US government makes them prone to scapegoat things that aren’t really the issue. You shouldn’t blame sexting on mobile phones, you should blame it on a culture that encourages the sexualisation of children and teenagers. And US Senator Lamar Alexander should know better than …

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Jan 15 2013

Atheism and Bereavement

So what do you say in the aftermath of a tragedy? What do you do? What can you say? People say that you, as an atheist, are incapable of knowing what to say to someone who is grieving or who has suffered a major tragedy. It is the kind of issue we see after pretty …

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