A Question to Readers of FTB

The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) are a charity that came to my attention following some atheist on atheist harassment. I knew about them from their Academy Award winning documentary, but  I only read through their website after this unfortunate incident.

Well ASTI offered me something rather cool, an opportunity to do some good out of this. ASTI are running fundraising trips, usually expeditions and hikes to raise money for charity. [Read more…]

Try to Save A Life

I realise that this would probably eliminate me as someone who could visit Saudi Arabia, not only am I an atheist but I also do not believe that Saudi Arabia’s stance on Islam is healthy, progressive or safe. It’s a deal with the devil that has only harmed Muslims by entrenching fanatacism and legitimising fundies.

I  wrote about a square in Riyadh, the infamous Chop-Chop square and my opposition to the brutality of executions especially a public event such as that. I wrote about the flaws in Saudi justice and how courts are determined by the reading of Korans rather than science. [Read more…]


The word typhoon comes via India, Iran and Arabic.

Toofan. Storm. The Typhoon. It is a word that conjures up power.

We can put aside what I think about global warming. We can put aside about what I think about religious missionaries. We can put aside all that and say this.

Typhoon Haiyan was a real monster. The speed, size and power of this storm is so great that we are considering the establishment of new criteria to judge it.  [Read more…]

Social Justice, A+ and “Not Getting It”

Naw. Just completely Naw. I’ve tended to agree with almost everything you’ve said in the past, to the extent I’ve been able to understand it without a master’s degree. But this? Fuck that shit. You, Ophelia, and Murdock are all simply wrong. I see in your slimy sounding reply to comment 6 that you’re referring debate about the morality of this to Murdock’s site, so I won’t waste your time with my reasoning, but the fact you three see no problem with this shows a shocking lack of empathy. Basically, you’re so into the activist message (a fine thing to be) that you’ve let yourself be completely blind to the harm this kind of thing can cause.

So Murdock can’t use facebook now. Boo fucking hoo. It ain’t the only social media in the world, and sometimes fuckups deserve consequences. Many people who would otherwise be in agreement about almost everything you guys stand for will not go to bat for this one. Consider it, if you’re willing.

So what’s this about?

Basically? Some people think

1. The lack of trigger warnings on a facebook post about “Virgin Checking” in Africa.

2. The subsequent banning of the poster

3. The usage of the photograph

Needless to say? There are TW here with regards t this topic (again).
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