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Jul 10 2014

A sort of defence of Voluntourism – It’s not Imperialism, it’s being nice

You got to start somewhere. You got to learn somewhere.

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Jan 10 2014

A Question to Readers of FTB

The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) are a charity that came to my attention following some atheist on atheist harassment. I knew about them from their Academy Award winning documentary, but  I only read through their website after this unfortunate incident. Well ASTI offered me something rather cool, an opportunity to do some good out …

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Jan 07 2014

Try to Save A Life

I realise that this would probably eliminate me as someone who could visit Saudi Arabia, not only am I an atheist but I also do not believe that Saudi Arabia’s stance on Islam is healthy, progressive or safe. It’s a deal with the devil that has only harmed Muslims by entrenching fanatacism and legitimising fundies. …

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Nov 19 2013


The word typhoon comes via India, Iran and Arabic. Toofan. Storm. The Typhoon. It is a word that conjures up power. We can put aside what I think about global warming. We can put aside about what I think about religious missionaries. We can put aside all that and say this. Typhoon Haiyan was a …

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Oct 29 2013

Social Justice, A+ and “Not Getting It”

Naw. Just completely Naw. I’ve tended to agree with almost everything you’ve said in the past, to the extent I’ve been able to understand it without a master’s degree. But this? Fuck that shit. You, Ophelia, and Murdock are all simply wrong. I see in your slimy sounding reply to comment 6 that you’re referring …

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Oct 14 2013

How To Panhandle and Beg – Cyclone Phailin

No blog post for tonight. I am dead tired. I woke up yesterday at 6:00 AM and worked until 6:00 PM tonight. Had a big nap and really don’t feel like blogging. However? I thought that there is one more thing I can do before I vanish to watch Youtube videos of cats.

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Aug 28 2013

Faux Rape Accusations and Richard Sanderson

So I had a revealing conversation with the Slymepit’s Richard Sanderson today on twitter… TW – Rape, Fake Rape Accusations, Slymepit and I am Generally Hacked the Fuck Off and that means angry Avicenna.

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Jul 30 2013

I Get Mail – Bill and Melinda

I wrote this in response to people on Reddit and I figured it would actually make a decent blog post. I think you have to understand how “real charity” works.

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Apr 23 2013

The Story of Laxmi

The Story of Laxmi used to be a story of caution in protecting women against the sexual exploitation and human traffic. Well? The BBC have an interesting version of it adopted to the modern realities and our understanding of sex work and human traffic.

Apr 09 2013

Age of Kali – How Not To Advertise


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