How to Send A Message

Child abuse is something that’s very common among non-white communities in the west. There is an almost casual nature to it and it’s often funny to “us” because white people don’t hit their kids. We see it as a reason as to why white children are so “badly behaved” while children from our communities are not. [Read more…]

Age of Kali – Don’t Interfere

“This is not your business, don’t interfere.”

Were the last words I heard from a patient’s husband before he took a swing at a nurse with his sickle knife. Let’s call him B (for Bastard?). He didn’t hurt anyone and the ensuing melee with his friends resulted in my glasses getting broken and him needing stitches after he fell and hit his head (he had been drinking so in retrospect tackling him to the ground was a poor idea). The nurse was fine and basically went home for the day.

What was our business?

Well a woman came in on Thursday with a blow out fracture of the orbit, broken forearm and ribs. I figured she had fallen out of an autorickshaw because that’s what falling out of one looks like. I was a bit suspicious about the lack of road rash but I have treated patients from such falls without one. So we gave her a CT-Scan (head) and admitted her for a few days till we were sure about the skull injury. The woman herself gave no indication of what was to come.

The next day this man shows up and a fight ensues. He spends 3 hours being stalled by the nurses until the doctors in charge (me for admission, the rad and the ortho) show up. We talk to him as to why he was agitated and we try and calm him down. And then we realise what’s happened.

Her husband hit her and caused this. He was afraid she would tell us what had really happened. In his fear he lashed out at us. His friends quickly joined in. They quickly ran off after he fell over.

He is currently in custody but we don’t expect him to stay for long, but we are hoping she leaves him. What happened was that the nurse broke the cardinal rule of abuse. Don’t get in between an abuser and the abusee unless you have back up or else the situation can get dangerous. She was lucky we were near enough to respond. It sounds terrible but this is sound advice. If you see abuse, catalogue it and call the police. Interfering may get you hurt just as badly and leave two victims rather than just one. If you can interfere properly then do so but it is a job for the police.

Hags of Lag – League of Legends and Bans

If you haven’t been following the drama on League of Legends then there is a little ray of hope about gaming.

You see, a company that plays games finally took a stand on it’s players. It named and shamed people responsible for making the game experience worse for others.

Now you may wonder, why this matters as such.

For those who are unaware League of Legends is a Free To Play game. I used to play it a fair bit and was relatively okay at it. Nothing to write home about but sufficiently good enough to not be a “total liability” and to occasionally be in the lofty seat of “win it for the team”.

It occupies a niche game market. Unlike the standard of Call of Duty or Halo this is a game of high skill, high team play and high difficulty. The difficulty ramps up depending on who you are playing of course. While bots may be nice and easy to fight the real threat comes from the human opponents who are less accurate than the high level bots but far far more capable of thinking outside the box making them a lot lot deadlier.

And it is a competitive game a very competitive game. It’s very easy to be bad at it and cause your entire team to lose just due to bad decisions. It’s also a game that sadly rewarded terrible people as long as they played well. It was in your interest to ignore someone who swore badly if they played well. You literally had to take the abuse or lose and no one really likes losing. Not when you are in a ranked queue where the points matter. You would overlook the rants of absolute horror just because you knew that the person who was sprouting them was the one making you win.

So the guys behind the League had a little idea. What If We Had A System to Punish Bad Behaviour and Reward Good Behaviour. It was a little gamefication of stats. After a match you could vote for people you thought were nice and those that you didn’t. And people voted for these individuals in their hundreds.

Now there are a bunch of games in the Genre (Defence of the Ancients is the founding game) and all of them have the same problem. Competitiveness doesn’t reward politeness. But League has a different problem and that’s of game play. See the other games have one issue (and many people like it but I personally don’t) which is if a team gets even slightly ahead on kills it snowballs and wins. In League you can turn games around. You can go from even being 30 kills down to winning (A massive swing around). It happens a lot…

And this causes rage… Imagine being at the cusp of victory only to be defeated by luck, skill or one awesome play. If you already are in a game that doesn’t reward friendly play imagine your response.

It’s infuriating and while on a game like Halo that lucky grenade will make you smirk and go “Fine that was awesome” in this it’s less awesome and more “Unfair” because you were winning all this time and then someone basically “tricked you”. Very few people are genuinely pleased by amazing plays.

The new system encouraged a bit better behaviour but it also brought stellar individuals like these to light. Cleaning up your own house is good for gaming especially if we are to take video games competitively as a sport.

Investigations of Child Abuse Halted In Germany

Well if you haven’t heard already, the current investigation into the abuse of children perpetrated by the Catholic Church in Germany has come to a halt.

The reason? Well the lead researcher complained about the level of control the Church wanted over the investigation.

According to the Church? According to them it was due to a “mutual” shattering of trust. That the methods Pfeiffer used to communicate had made further cooperation impossible. I assume Pfeiffer was using some sort of affront to god (Well they are Catholic Priests so it’s probably a woman made out of condoms) to deliver his messages rather than email things to people.

According to Prof. Christian Pfeiffer who was the lead researcher from the Lower Saxony Criminology Research Institute?

He reported initial compliance but later found that his researchers were being asked to adhere to controls by the Munich Archdiocese. A group representing German dioceses then called for the researchers’ work to be submitted for approval before publication.

In other words? The Church attempted to censor an independent investigation into a shocking crime.

It’s not an independent investigation if you get to place controls and censor the investigator’s work.