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Mar 13 2014

A Response To A Pro-Life Atheist and The Friendly Atheist

I am a fan of Hemant Mehta, as one of the few asian atheists online, reading his work got me writing my own stuff. However I disagree with his guest blogger, Kristine Kruszelnicki who is the president of the Pro-Life Humanists. I value free speech and differing opinions. I figure Hemant Mehta has the same ideas, …

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Jan 27 2014

Abortion Myths Debunked

Christian Post’s pro-life brigade were out in force over the week. The problem with such reporting is that it’s an outright lie. And the best lies told are the ones where the teller believes in the same lie. So me saying “beware the dinner witch! She will eat you if you don’t eat your broccoli” is …

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Sep 23 2013

The Corkscrew – An Idiot’s Guide to Safe Sex

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Sep 06 2013

It’s Not Empowerment, It’s Quackery

Prior to the Obstetric/Gynaecological adoption of abortion, it was one of the most riskiest procedures out there. Abortions historically have had some of the worst mortality rates and were generally a practice of last resorts. We turned it into an outpatient procedure with an incredibly low mortality rate. There are different indications for abortions and …

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Aug 06 2013

Star Parker Doesn’t Understand Abortion

Big News there? A right wing conservative doesn’t understand medicine? In other news, water is wet and it’s hot in India.

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Jul 18 2013

Unreported World – Philippines

This one is an old show. After a political battle beyond compare the Philippines finally legalised contraception. But it is kind of chilling to watch what a society with abstinence only education and anti-abortion stances looks like at a specific level. Trigger Warnings abound. This is a documentary on abortion with scenes of women undergoing …

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Jul 16 2013

A Taste of Things to Come – Rise of the Backstreet Abortionist

American women have lost a great deal of freedom in the past few weeks. All across the USA various states are planning to either reduce funding to bodies such as Planned Parenthood or to try and make abortions more difficult to perform and obtain. South Dakota has passed laws to reduce the period of abortion …

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Jul 14 2013

You will know them by their love

Wendy Davis has become a house hold name for her epic filibuster. On Friday, Senators convened to debate the Texas Abortion Bill. But one thing missing? The objections this time were simply ignored. The Texas Abortion bill is a religious bill. I don’t think anyone is a fan of abortion. It is a medical procedure. …

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Jul 03 2013

Rick Perry – What if Your Mother Aborted You

“It is just unfortunate, that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.” – Rick Perry Rick Perry said that at the National Right to Life Conference (I wonder if the National Right to Life Conference is anti-death …

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Jul 01 2013

Not the Ducks! – Abortion and State Mandated Quackery

Miri from Brute Reason has asked me to snork her work. It’s a post calling for a veto of a proposed abortion bill in Ohio. And I figured I could expand on what she wrote and write something educational… and then snork it.

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