Apr 13 2014

Witch-Hunter Apostle in the UK

We have written about Helen Ukpabio before. For those who are unaware of this issue?

Culture and Religion sometimes intermingle in unexpected ways. We often don’t realise how the adoption of a new idea will work. Sometimes you get curry, the combination of new world ingredients and asian spices.

Sometimes you get Witchhunters.


Contains descriptions of witchcraft related torture in Africa and the UK. Contains a Christian Horror Movie Video.

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Apr 13 2014

Islamic Economics of Sex

This one was particularly idiotic. I had written a fair few articles decrying the Burkha and Niqab. Listen, I don’t mind that it’s a cultural outfit in many parts of the Middle East. I don’t mind that it is a choice for some women.

But for most women the choice is very biased. You are free to wear the Burkha or be a dirty slut who is sullied by the fact that light from the sun/artificial light source has bounced off you and dared to enter the eye of a man. Oh it’s not spoken of like that but the implicit notion is that the mere shape of a woman is enticement to sin.

If all things being equal, then the Burkha would be worn like my Sherwani, it is not. It is part of the system that Islam uses to control women. Maybe one day it will be a fashion choice, but right now it is not.

There are many feminists who defend it, to which I say “the day the Burkha becomes a Fashion Choice is the day I agree with you, but right now? It’s a weapon that kills promise and achievement”. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 12 2014

Photography – Where I work

I work in the “third world”. I work in India. And since I got a “New Camera” I figured I should start uploading pictures to here once in a while. These are some old ones I found. I promise that I will take better ones! Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 12 2014

Spin Doctor – Pro-life and the Glorification of Gore


Trigger Warning – Contains medical procedure and video of surgery and a “spun” description of it to make it sound worse. If you aren’t comfortable? Please skip this. There is a point to the gruesome.
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Apr 11 2014

Dear Parents, You are Being Lied to By Living Whole

The Anti-vax lobby is under fire. I have long stated that the anti-vax lobby had it’s success due to the success of medicine.

See, we made diseases rare. The normal childhood diseases were few and far between and their impact was softened by our technology. With that comes complacency. The anti-vax lobby 150 years ago was laughed at because their scare mongering may have stopped people vaccinating, but those who vaccinated lived. People quickly changed their tune when their vaccinated neighbours lived and their kids died to smallpox. Reality had a harsh way of teaching people a lesson.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to make the same mistakes. I predicted that an anti-vax backlash would occur when the anti-vax  got so successful that they destroyed the herd immunity of a western nation to the point that common diseases could return.

If you won’t learn by the carrot then unfortunately it is the stick. The price of Andrew Wakefield and the likes of Sherri Tenpenny, Mercola, Adams was increased disease. We are seeing record increases in common diseases that we were on the verge of eliminating.

The great fear is that the low vaccination rates in the west may translate to a disease that is genuinely a lot more deadly than Measles.

But the anti-vax won’t go down quietly. The benefit of not actually understanding immunology is that you can stick to nonsensically faulty arguments because they aren’t based on any real understanding of the situation. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 10 2014

A Voice for Me – Equality? Men’s Issues? Fuck no! We just hate broads!

Part of the dialogue with the Men’s Rights Movement is about how there are so many issues involving men. I agree, there are many issues involving men in an equal world. And that the Men’s Rights Movement is ideally placed to not just lobby for equal rights but to push for changes in issues that negatively affect men.

Instead? The MRA and MRM are more interested in misogyny, hating women and generally being a hate group hiding behind the original mission. The MRA do not try and change the dialogue regarding men, they try and silence women.

So in recent days? This has involved viewing Indian MRA complain about the anti-dowry and anti-rape laws of India. This has also seen MRA fail to realise that there are Gay, Queer and Trans men out there who do require help. And by fail to realise, I mean ignore and harass. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 10 2014


Homo-Terrorism is on the rise, a straight man is not safe to walk outside the house without fearing the glittery sting of organisations such as Al-Gayda and Lesbollah. A straight man cannot walk unattended without being subjected to a barrage of glitter. The wards are filled with the victims of our recent war on homosexual terrorism when we invaded the Island of Lesbos and our subsequent wars in Lebanon and Libya (because they sounded a bit similar and there is no smoke without flaming).

Brendan Eich’s tears have unleashed the kraken of Libertarians who believe that his beliefs “aren’t so bad” and that he should be free to believe and campaign for bigotry and that any campaign against him somehow breaks the rules. And naturally his right wing friends have come to his aid.

And they don’t come wingnuttier than BarbWire’s Jeff Allen. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 10 2014

Without Fear

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

- Rabindranath Tagore

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Apr 09 2014

Nurses who Vaccinate – A Response about Homefirst and Mayer Eisenstein

Has anyone here heard of the apparent lack of autism in unvaccinated groups? Having a discussion on my wall now about several groups of unvacinnated kids (home-schooled children in the Chicago area and the Amish) where there are apparently ZERO cases of autism.

I’m trying to find more about this. There are several legitimate news sources who have reported the phenomenon.

This one’s from Nurses who Vaccinate

And that’s fine, what I am responding to is this part of the question

Thank you. That covers the Amish. 

Are you aware of the “Homefirst” kids in the Chicago area?

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Apr 09 2014

BenBaz Aziz – Reading A Book (Part 1)


Caution – Reading the following makes you a terrorist in Saudi Arabia. BenBaz Aziz is a blogger from the Middle East who was imprisoned in the country I was born in. Kuwait. We don’t share the same religious background but we do share the fact we don’t believe in any gods. BenBaz was punished for his lack of belief. BenBaz is still a target for such oppression and still wishes to be heard. So I encouraged him to write and give him a space to put up his work. In many parts of the Middle East this website is banned. But it is hard to keep a good man down. So everyone say Marhaba to BenBaz Aziz and pass it on if you like what you see.

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