Joseph Farah – Da’esh and Obama

I generally am amused by Ed Brayton’s stellar coverage of American Wingnuts but this one seems to have managed to limbo under his radar.

Observe as Joseph Farah enlightens us with a rather amusing article which simply doesn’t get how the world works or indeed the situation. Or maybe he does and he prefers the tired old habit of American Conservatives where they simply lie. [Read more...]

Much Ado About Hitler

You know the drill.

Christians constantly bring up the idea that it was Hitler’s atheism and indeed “belief in the Darwinistic principles of Survival of the Fittest” that brought about the Horrors of the Holocaust. And that somehow Stalin and Mao’s atheism had more to do with their dictatorship than them being dictators of large populations and many seemingly good ideas that turned out to be really bad ones and many horrible ideas that were made in order to maintain power.

So let’s look at Christian Post’s diatribe on the topic. [Read more...]

A Night on Suicide Watch

The following happened last night. What ensues is a discussion about a case of attempted suicide and the management of it and a look at some of the causes. It is a frank experience. There are photographs not of anything graphic but of the view I had throughout the night I spent 12 hours straight trying to make sure someone didn’t kill herself.

[Read more...]