Help! Help! I am being oppressed.

Don’t worry Madam! I am a medical student. Let me call you a Waaahmbulance!

Prayer doesn’t belong in schools, it’s exclusive. It treats only a specific brand of Christianity as acceptable (I am pretty sure you would consider the song Jerusalem blasphemy and indeed sedition despite being a Church of England hymn) and worse it hurts any person who isn’t a christian. Public schools are also subject to the whole “Secular Rules of the USA” which make it highly illegal. The founding fathers of the USA themselves placed the rules to stop this kind of nonsense and to defend us from people such as the Lt. Gov. of Florida, Jennifer Carroll.

“Today unfortunately many in the media would like nothing better than to ridicule Christians,” Carroll said at the Faith and Freedom Coalition rally. “They promote The Da Vinci code, they place doubt in the public’s mind that Christ was not risen, and they condemn the passion of Christ.”

I am the Scourge of God. If you had not committed great sins,
God would not have sent a punishment like me upon You.

Actually, most religious people seem to be doing a fine enough job in giving us ammo to ridicule them. Be it islamic terror, christian hypocrisy or hindu silliniess. In this case the sheer level of pride american christian right wingers have in their ignorance is highly alarming and deserves to be mocked.

The Da Vinci code is fiction. It’s not real, just like Harry Potter and Lyra and Will and the Teletubbies. Even if Jesus’s family are still alive (which may be the case should Jesus have existed as a person rather than the son of god malarky since the bible mentions his large family.) they wouldn’t have any special worth or value. It is believed that a large number of people out there are related to a famous goat herd called Temujin.

Temujin is known by his more famous name of Ghenghis Khan, t descendants do not possess any of his powers. Should you trace your ancestry back to him you will not be possessed of the singular ability to commit atrocities and ride ponies all day. Nor will you be able to unite the tribes and be named Great Khan.

I am honestly surprised that people think the Da Vinci code is still relevant fiction wise or indeed has done any damage to Christianity more than the hypocrisy of it’s rabidly anti-gay priests who turn out to be gay themselves or the child abuse and anti female health stances. It’s those that have destroyed the church, not a silly story book.

“These are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority,” Carroll said and then added: “This is exactly what dictators and socialist rulers did.”

Aided and abetted all the way by the churches and other purveyors of superstition.

And the tyranny of the majority is responsible for the Holocaust. Lest we forget racism was acceptable in the 1940s with the USA actively treating black people as not human. The only difference was that the USA never attempted to kill all the black people while Germany did. The UK ran apartheid regimes across the world. Italy is responsible for destroying large areas of Ethiopia with poison gas.

Remember the church actively praised Hitler for his stance on atheists and the hatred for Jews was the official stance of the church.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Christianity is in a fight and it is one of the greatest trials we have seen in modern times,” Carroll said.

She also said that “in today’s society we will trust the car salesman and the government more than we trust in the Lord.”

You can pray all day for a car but when push comes to shove the car salesman is what you need. And how many people prayed at Katrina only to die when the government didn’t respond fast enough?

Ultimately, human beings are responsible for ourselves as a species. Not magic beings who don’t exist. Praying will not save you, faith in our fellow men has and will. Not one thing we have today has come about by praying but has come about by the hard work of often nameless humans who will never be remembered.

Christianity is fighting for survival because it is a superstition and it dared to stand in the way of science rather than stay a private issue. It’s being fought because politicians like this exist who wish to plunge the USA and indeed as much of the world as possible into a theocratic dark age where we value ignorance over knowledge.

What they want is not a world where you can say “I don’t know” but one where you don’t ask any questions.

NIO is back

Well the charming Camille Marino is back to her old tricks, this time crowing about harassing an 18 year old woman out of a job. It’s lovely to see a bully actively brag about her achievement of tormenting someone working in science till she quit.

She posted contact information on her website initiating what appears to be a campaign of bullying, harassment and possible threats that forced her to quit. And she is proud of this.

This is no different from intimidation from the mob or from the likes of Osama bin Laden’s ill breed of religious fanatics. Do as we say or we will hurt you.

To any student from the University of Florida reading this, do not accept her offer of money for information, she is merely a bully. I understand the temptation of money but remember that what she is offering is money solely for the harassment of an individual whose education leads to the formation of technology that we do use almost daily. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have proven the efficiency of helmets and safety belts. Without animal experimentation we would not have proven the link between DDT and wildlife destruction. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have proven our medications and drugs.

Don’t fall for Camille’s nonsense. She is a coward, she cannot face down a real scientist because a real scientist with knowledge of the field will choke her arguments in evidence so she skulks and targets students. She doesn’t want to negotiate not because there is nothing to negotiate about, but because she knows that her followers will be lost should she be exposed to logic.

She is a hypocrite, having utilised technology obtained from animal experimentation and is ensuring others do not receive the same sort of education and technology that saved her life.

She is a terrorist, she deals in fear and suffering rather than construction. She targets the very individuals who reduce animal testing, eliciting sympathy from unexplained photographs without showing the actual research and the goals of it. She heavily misrepresents biological research and shows an abject lack of understanding of the field (what with her being a failed law student) equal to any creationist or merchant of woo.

She misrepresents research (We know mice are not a great model for hearts. We have known this for years and I knew about in 2001 while I was still in school. It’s why we use pigs and dogs whose hearts are closer to ours. If there was a way to GM a pig to carry human tissue type we would we end our waiting lists for heart/lung transplantation since a pig and human heart are similar in size and work exactly the same.).

But most of all she is proud of tormenting an 18 year old out of a job. She is a despicable human and her ultimate quote speaks volumes.

“Hitler didn’t exactly exterminate Jews by himself … It takes all the links in the chain to perpetuate the Holocaust,”

I could joke about Camille comparing herself to Hitler, after all Hitler dealt in fear, misrepresentation of science and ideological superiority rather than science, conversation and equality.

However I will make a serious point. Camille has just compared the death of roughly 6 million jewish people, a further 3 million gypsies and undesirables such as the mentally ill, disabled, gays, atheists and political prisoners via bullet, poison and starvation. She has compared one of the most heinous crimes against humanity to the improvements of knowledge of science and medicine.

Does that seem like a person with any sense of perspective?

Blinded by Bullshit

Blinded by Science author Matthew Silverstone offers his Scientific Proof that Homeopathy Works.

Blinded by Science just seems to be a terrible book. It’s filled with utter nonsense about water memory, vibrations and magnetism (which apparently causes Diabetes, not the failure of insulin production) misrepresenting information produced by the apparently “unrecognised” Sir J. C. Bose (Apparently getting a knighthood means non-recognition).

A most telling statements are

I have to admit to having no previous knowledge of bees, the only fact I can remember from my childhood is the one I think we all know, about them not being able to fly as their body is too big and heavy for their wing size – aerodynamically they defy science, (which does not say much for the experts on aerodynamics). I profess to not taking much interest in bees before now, but was forced to when I read a few years ago about the declining numbers of bees and the effect this would have on nature. But like most people, I have just relied on the scientists to come up with an answer that would solve this predicament. Sadly, however, comparatively little is being done. The most depressing part is that I managed to find a solution to the problem without having received any funding, a solution that would cost virtually nothing to put in place and could possibly eradicate entirely the disappearance of bees!

Colony Collapse Syndrome is linked to a variety of things including inbreeding and parasite infestations. And we do know how a bee flies aerodynamically, it is the same as our helicopters.

A lot is actually being done, Africanised Bees are actually an attempt to create a increased vigour hives for honey. They are actually considered dangerous because they have huge ranges and high aggression which is a bad combination in farming bees but perfectly fine in wild bees.

There appears to be only one cause – diet. But have the Chinese and Indian diets changed that much? Is it not possible this diabetic catastrophe has as much to do with access to new technology as it does to the food they eat. In my very limited experience with travelling to the Far East, I would have said their diet has barely changed over the last century; most of the population still eat a traditional diet. Very few of them eat Western style food with its added salt and sugar content. This is particularly true with the rural community in China who survive on an income as little as $2 a day and who have no access to Western style foods. These people are suffering from diabetes at a greater rate than their urban counterparts. Unless there is evidence their diet has changed significantly, this can’t be the exclusive reason why there is such an epidemic in new cases of diabetes. There has to be another factor. One scientific paper does show there is another cause of diabetes, one which has been brought upon us all inadvertently, so called “dirty electricity”. Magda Havas produces overwhelming evidence there should be a new shift in the way we look at diabetes.

Chinese and Indian diets have changed a lot in quantity. Like all cultures that were exclusively pre-green revolution agricultural the entire diet was based around a lack of staples. So “binging” was encouraged, you ate as much as you liked because chance are you only had the ability to eat that much for a few months every year. The fat you put on then would see you through the lean months.

However the green revolution has killed famine in large parts of the world. We aren’t reliant on variations of environment to create boom/bust agricultural yields. However the attitude of “hogging” is still there.

The average indian eats till he is full. Restaurants pride themselves on portion size rather than quality and most indians pack away food at rates considered alarming by western standards considering how small most Indians are (in the UK my 5 ft 11 frame would be considered as average. In India I am on the large end of the size spectrum, even being considered as “tall” and “of good height” which amuses me to no extent). The added problem of vegetarianism in India means that people prefer to pack away carbohydrates rather than eat balanced diets. The amount of rice consumed by an average indian particularly rural ones during a meal would probably equal to the entire daily consumption of rice of us in the west. The reason behind that is that starvation mentality which still exists in a lot of people since it is only one generation removed and a lot of the “starvers” still exist. It is basically my generation that grew up learning about balanced diets and putting up the effort to keep healthy. My cousins are stuck fighting against physiques trained to treat all you can eat as a challenge.

It has nothing to do with electricity and everything to do with a culture of starvation suddenly losing the starvation pressure.

It is this bullshit merchant’s theory that water doesn’t have a memory, but instead is vibrationally attuned to remember molecules. I assume the smacking of phials against leather table tops is what causes it.

This is so insanely stupid that we can disprove it using the simple fact that humans are made up of water. We are mainly water and primarily “bags of liquid” rather than a solid life form. Most of the properties we take for granted are due to our liquid physiology. Yet by the logic of this man the simple act of walking should initiate a catastrophic meltdown due to the vibrations caused by our movement.

A simple experiment mentioned is that “if you treated a cup of water with a specific vibrational frequency the water would change itself to that specific vibration and it would stay like that forever. It would only change if it came across a different vibration.”.

Get a glass of water, and smack it against the side of the table. You have imparted on it a vibrational frequency. Note how the vibration of the water actually changes as the waves reverberate of the walls of the vessel. Also note how the vibration dies out as the energy in the water is expended and lost to the greater surroundings. Notice how the exact same principle applies to most liquids such as a cup of tea (or coffee if you are that way inclined). I would suggest you do this with a beer but there is a good chance you may break the glass and waste a beer and people in the pub would look at you funny.

This is why you should educate your children in science. The sheer idiocy of this person is astounding and he fails basic science. Yet the lovely people at Natural News think he is smart enough to teach medicine. This man knows nothing about science. He is not qualified to watch the discovery channel let alone talk about medicine. He assumes that chemical reactions occur by vibrations rather than by the interaction of molecules which alone shows incredibly stupid he is. We cannot sugar coat the facts any longer. Matthew Silverstone is an idiot, not because he is ignorant but because he understands that he is ignorant and has decided to set out to increase the net ignorance in the world rather than try to better himself and his understanding of the world.

I know very little about Economics, a degree which Matthew holds. I can just about understand most theory to the level where I would be considered an informed lay person. I cannot hold forth on the mathematics and do understand that most of my understand of economics is built out of drunken conversations with friends, hating on Ayn Rand and the twin pillars of Freakonomics and Paul Krugman. But you don’t see me give you econ
omic advice because I know very well that I have no goddamn clue about economic theory bar “this is my opinion” which is not how science works. Your opinions don’t mean anything if not backed up with information and experimentation. My understanding of medicine is that molecules interact directly with the body creating the internal environment which is normally in homeostasis. Disease is usually the alteration of this homeostasis and most drugs are there to revert the balance to the norm by acting like forces on a see saw. For instance antibiotics work by removing the bacterial load which causes the effects of disease thus allowing the natural function of the body to revert to the norm. Or a diuretic ensures that water is excreted allowing the body to reduce it’s blood pressure. Water itself has no inherent effect without the drugs inside it.

Yes there exists a placebo and a nocebo effect but these have more to do with the cultural expectation of medicine rather than the memory of water.

This man is just a failure of our education system in the UK. This man is a product of the same education system that produced me and I for one am embarrassed that this level of bullshit can be produced by anyone who has sat the same exam as me.

And the very very worst bit of the whole thing? Is that more than 1200 people consider Matthew Silverstone as a paragon of scientific thought rather than a moron. 

The Falling Man

No Benevolent God would
let such a situation even occur.

Can you imagine throwing yourself to your death? On 11/9/2001, my father was on the World Trade Centre as a tourist. He had left well before the plane’s struck and was infact in the air so he didn’t realise what had happened but for a few minutes after the planes hit we were worried if it was his plane.

As I watched the news I ran into footage of people leaping to their deaths rather than face the flames.

And this eventually lead me to the photographer who took the footage and his interview. It’s good to remember the human cost of such events, so that we know the price we pay for our existence and our freedom and the price others are willing to force us to pay to remove those freedoms.

The man in question is Jonathan Briley and forever he will be immortalised as the man who fell.

I don’t think he was in god’s hands or that any deity was involved in his death. To me religion gave men the desire to commit murder. There was no god or gods, Only the worst of humanity surrounded by the utter best in all of us. The only angels that day were human ones, who showed valour and honour in doing “the right thing”. And that’s far more important than any god or gods. Belief in God created that horrible day, but it was man who ensured that people lived through it.

Remember those who fought, remember those who died. But don’t tarnish their memories by assigning a God to it. It was humans who made that day what it is and the difference is that such terror was created by the same humanity that showed unbelievable bravery. The only difference in one was the unifying belief in a God while the other side was unified by the idea that human beings should and can be more than just individuals trying to survive.

A hero is someone who tries to improve humanity as a whole even when scared and alone and at risk. People of all walks of life were heroes that day. God didn’t have anything to do with it. 

Ten Years On

Paul Krugman is spot on with his analysis of what happened since 11/9.

The USA learnt a valuable lesson from 11th of September, 2001. It learnt that there were dangerous people the world over who didn’t see eye to eye with it’s policies.

But what it didn’t learn was the reasons for why it was so disliked. The actions of the USA post 11/9 are quite deplorable. The loss of Freedom of it’s own citizens is coupled with the agony of it’s actions. The world is actually less safe as a place courtesy of said actions.

We can blame islamic terror for a lot of things, but what we cannot do is use it as an excuse for our own behaviour. The pain suffered by those who perished that day and the bravery of those who did the human thing was harnessed to harm a lot of people often for profit.

Islamic terrorists and their supporters cannot be pleased or bought of by our actions. They are crazy and rabidly so. Yesterday in London they burnt american flags. It is freedom of speech and action but it’s also a dick move.

To me greater things have been achieved in places like Libya and the Arab Spring than in Iraq. Afghanistan can also be a case of great things done if it were to work out positively. But as a whole, the fear of Islamic terror was used to reduce the freedoms of people across the globe and resulted in Americans themselves losing sight of what real freedom (No, the ability to own a handgun is not freedom, the ability to not be spied on is.) means.

Living in the past won’t help the USA. 11/9 was 10 years ago, and we do need to move on. Otherwise we just relive that day over and over rather than moving on with our lives.

It’s not my job

“Look, he only wanted to ask a question. Did you ever consider him as a potential person who wished to learn or improve himself or just wanted to know what we actually believed in? He is arguing from a different standpoint from a judeo-christian viewpoint so nothing you have written makes any sense to him. Do you have to be such a dick about it?”

Words to this effect were said to another denizen of the internet. The reason was that a Hindu asked a question, a simple one “What do we atheists believe in?” and then had the audacity to enquire about a non judaic perspective. The response? An atheist online simply trolled him, insulting India and posting pro-pakistan/anti-india links.

When called out the atheist in question didn’t give a rat’s arse that the person in this equation had genuine doubts about faith and just wanted to see if we had any answers to questions that he had doubts over. The simplest being “what do you guys think happens to us when we die?”.

And all the troll managed to do was completely alienate someone from the potential of being an atheist. The hindu in question simply became unwilling to talk because someone wanted a quick laugh and to feel superior about himself than actually make a small but poignant difference. Because it “Isn’t his Job” to try and change how people think or to represent atheism in a positive way. That he would rather be off portraying atheists as baby eating monsters than a positive force of good.

And it’s something we have as atheists discussed about. There aren’t many black atheists. How come so few non white atheists exists? Why are women so poorly represented?

Well there you go. Because people like our friend the “Troll” exist. Sure it may just be facebook drama but this attitude is more common than we think. Yes, a lot of what we do is good natured laughter at religious antics but we do know the difference between that and simply wailing on someone with a question.

Yes, I do feel a bit left out. There aren’t many ex-hindu atheists out there (It’s why I started writing) which is why I felt a soft spot for this person who was having their country and/or ethnic origin degraded. Writing “Fuck India” is the same as writing “Fuck America”. All you are doing is irritating an entire group of people for no real reason and turning a discussion from atheism to one about how awesome India/USA is or is not.

But quite frankly, I didn’t notice anyone else be willing to answer a Hindu a simple question about what Atheists Believe in. Sure he may not believe in what we say or be looking for a cheap laugh himself, but there is an equal chance that we lost someone new to the movement because someone wanted to feel a bit smug.

The next time someone has a question, try and answer. If you cannot answer admit that you cannot. There is no shame in atheism for saying “Do Not Know”. It’s magic words ensure that we stay honest. The trolling is saved for those who deserve it.

And remember, not all who seek answers come from Christianity. 

Dear Lisa Grossman

(Warning – This post contains graphic images to demonstrate the tactics of the animal liberation movement.)

Dear Lisa Grossman

With regards to your answers to “A Student” I have some further points to make about what you have stated.

It’s a good question you ask- I wish more people would do the same. First of all you’re correct to fear for your friends. We’re 3000 strong globally at Negotiation Is Over- some more angry than others. I have attached some pics because it’s likely you don’t understand what’s happening and what’s about to happen. We do what’s right and we are showing students the truth for the first time.

First of all the animal holocaust is not an exaggeration. Just today the current number of animals killed for research has risen to 3.7 million PER YEAR. There’s never a year where the numbers go down. It’s not just mice in mazes anymore Pat, look at the pics- this is what’s being done to animals hourly. And the Universities are responsible for huge amounts of torture, fear and mutilation. We are moved by this horror as many have been in the last 2 centuries. BUT nothing has changed and more animals suffer and get thrown in the college incinerators. We are not going to do the same polite peaceful things, I mean only a moron would think that way!

How many animals do you think die for your food? Do you not care about insects? Perhaps you should start arguing for mosquito rights? I submit that you are just as “speciest” as me, I am driven by biology while you are driven by “what is cute”. What solution do you have to say… The australian rabbit problem? What solution do you have to ensure food stocks remain unspoilt by rodents? What solution do you have for insect control?

Because it seems to me that you only care about the animals who die for medical research, not the ones that die for your food and to ensure that you don’t catch a variety of diseases where animals are the vectors.

For the love of god!!!!

Yes, animal experimentation is horrible but you know what? So is the actual treatments we come up with. It may sound like fun and games but we do give the  things we tested on animals to humans too and it’s just as gruesome. Infact we sedate humans prior to surgery and give them anti-anxiety meds as part of pre-anaesthesia because a surgery is “terrifying”. And pictures of surgery are bloody and filled with tubes and gore.

Just look at those photos, those are pretty much poster children against medicine. But the thing is that’s what you see. For me the first scene is a scene of love and care. The man who died and is being autopsied has no one to care for him, no one but the hands of the man doing his autopsy. The only person in the entire world who cares about what happened to him is some stranger who is doing the autopsy for free in a crowded room. It’s a public service to give closure to those who cannot afford it. It is a gesture of ultimate respect and love for humanity. But the meaning of that isn’t there without me giving you the context of it. If I said “Horrid Hospital Conditions” you would be up in arms about doctors making a quick buck.

The second photo can simply be described as the standard “blood, gore, tubes, pain”. When we figure out what works in animals we then experiment on cadavers. Once we are sure on cadavers we try it out on the living volunteers. That’s they way it goes.

If I said that all patients are treated like these individuals in the photos you would consider doctors to be inhuman monsters who like causing pain solely for some perverse pleasure. But it’s not the case, the animal lib infiltrators seldom take photos of the nice things, instead focussing on the worst of care to paint a picture that all animal tests are like that 24/7.

If I should show you the removed sternum of a man you would consider me as a lunatic, but if I said that it was done for a life saving heart and lung transplant you would nod along and think “my, isn’t that Avicenna bloke and his medicine marvellous?”. Well not “you” Lisa Grossman, you would probably froth at the mouth and claim that the surgeons involved in it are greedy (yes… So?) and want to earn money (again? So? Camille and Lisa are rich enough to have computers to run websites and probably own fancy phones with things like twitter on them. Unlike the students they torment).

We have many elements to this fight. Some have stopped several airlines and ferries just this year from transporting lab animals to prisons. We petition congress to stop giving money. We tell alumni at colleges the same and show them the TRUTH. In California there have been fire bombings on vivisectors and the torture still continues!! Now its time to stop vivisection from getting started. That would mean showing students what will actually be expected of them. It’s wrong. We’re good and right and only showing the truth. We will fight for the animals if this doesn’t work. Seriously, No more “chatting” about a holocaust.

A lot of those prisons are large enclosures, a lot of animal liberation photos don’t show the actual living quarters of animals instead choosing to show quarantine quarters and lab spaces. Petitioning congress to not give money will just harm the people who need it. And more people need that research.

A few days ago a friend of mine’s girlfriend’s family came over to meet them, on their way back home they met with an accident. They all survived the crash, mainly due to the seatbelts which were tested on animals (and then human cadavers and finally actual volunteers), however their 2 year old daughter suffered a fragmented vertebra and damage to the spinal cord. We are crossing our fingers and well… for want of a better word “praying” for her recovery in whatever way we can. (I may be an atheist but I can understand a genuine gesture of love and despair. And it is not my place to make an argument out of someone’s grief.). But from the sound of things she may be a paraplegic, she has no response below her arms of which only one functions.

I have an uncle who met with an accident before I was born. His car was struck from behind leaving him severely neurologically damaged. He can barely speak and barely moves after years of intense physiotherapy. He was an intrepid geologist and a pilot, and now her can barely dress himself. It’s why Camille’s statement of attacking the disabled is met with such revulsion. It’s why her statement that she “cured herself of quadriplegia” is so abhorrently insulting. It’s why her statements about attacking the disabled are so utterly vile.

Falciparum has a right to live too! Who are you
to decide that it’s lifecycle is anathemic to humans!

So to say Stem Cell research isn’t worth doing because of some animals is to be like your friend Camille Marino. The truth is this, the answer lies in experimentation and that there is no alternative. A bunch of stem cells in vitro hasn’t translated to in vivo results, we haven’t been able to “cure neural degeneration” and while you and your movement don’t give a flying fuck about human beings and indeed most animals, I do both personally and professionally. However a kind of species phobia exists. While we draw the line at man, the animal lib draw the line at insects. The day I will respect your movement is the day you stand up and defend the right of mosquitoes to live. The day you gain respect for having principles is the day you stand up and say that clean drinking water is abhorrent due to all the animals it kills. The day you gain respect is the day you campaign against anti-helminthic drugs as worms have a right to live too. Until then the only animals you care about are the ones that fit into your world view. The rats you release  will happily be killed to ensure your food is plentiful and your living conditions aren’t atrocious.

And a little idea about those who suffer. The people you are punishing aren’t doctors or biologists or vets, they are our patients. There are roughly 5000 spinal injuries a year just in the USA alone who could benefit from stem cell research. You have 3000 followers world wide… To put it into perspective JUST the USA outnumbers your movement and the number of people who need the research into neuro-regenerative stem cells is enormous.


There aren’t a bazillion alternatives. There are few, those that we use are actually the alternatives.

An example you say? I have used this one before but I am writing it here fore posterity. The Clear Blue pregnancy test is an example of scientific technology reducing the usage of animals. Prior to the pregnancy test you took a

I don’t need an excuse to post bunnies.
Consider it as payment for the photos.
rabbit and injected urine from the woman into it’s blood. A small dose not a big one… You then waited a day and then you cut open the rabbit to look at it’s ovaries, changes in the ovaries would indicate the presence of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is a key indicator of pregnancy. For this you needed a lab, a pathologist and one rabbit was going to die with every test. Instead through animal testing the clear blue pregnancy test was developed, which is a antibody reaction test where cultured antibodies are placed on the strip which turns blue in the presence of HCG.

The difference? The rabbit test was incredibly expensive. A single rabbit costs around $20, plus it’s feed and the care. Not to mention you need a lab with a pathologist. A single pregnancy test was around $200. While the clear blue test is around $12, purchased over the counter and can be done at home. That is an amazing alternative.

The ones bandied around by Animal Lib tend to be science fiction or alternatives that are already being used. To model an entire animal would require a total understanding of biochemistry and interactions which will only occur through animal testing anyways as otherwise you are not understanding animal physiology but merely guessing. A lot of what they want us to use simply doesn’t function like that.

Again there is an idea of using humans only for testing failing to realise that destructive testing is not acceptable in human beings. Basically the idea of destructive testing is to cause a system to fail in a specific way to learn about pathways, most of what we know is actually about destructive testing. If you want to find out what a key biochemical pathway does you knock out steps and see what happens. It’s how we find out about diseases, for instance Parkinson’s disease is due to a degradation of cells that supply the brain with dopamine, so we fixed that by giving L-Dopa. Turns out that caused a bunch of side effects outside the brain that we knew about, so later we added carbidopa to improve dosing and effect of drugs. We wouldn’t know about this interplay in cells and we wouldn’t know about this interplay without knocking out systems and seeing the effect. And indeed without going out and killing a bunch of people with Parkinsons to find out what’s so different about their brains.

Animal experimentation must be justified, you cannot simply run an experiment for “shits and giggles”. Ask any student writing a research proposal about how much emphasis on ethics and rationale for animal use is there.

Anyone who receives this knowledge and doesn’t change their paths and attitudes is guilty of the same. You’re students and we’ll try to teach you first with real, current information. But I seriously doubt all will listen so we have plans for them too. Dreams and goals and degrees can stay the same. We simply insists that no more animals be used to achieve them as its not necessary. See attached word doc and pics. Any decent young person would join us.

It’s science witches!!!

You are asking biologists to learn biology without ever seeing an animal. Look, I am breaking this down to you guys in terms anyone can understand.

When Dolores Umbridge taught the Defence against the Dark Arts class, she banned practicals despite the fact there was a rising threat of dark magic and Voldemort to fit in with the official political rather than the sensible line of thought. The ultimate point of teaching only theory without practicals is that it would have destroyed the ability of Dumbledore to raise an army from the student body as they wouldn’t have the requisite skills.


That’s funny. your boss Camille has specifically has threatened to injure paraplegics and is infamous mainly for threatening to kill and injure biology students. And remember the people being targeted are ironically the most powerful demography when it comes down to protecting animals. 

Pictured… A Badass

How many Camille Marino’s and Lisa Grossman’s are out protecting tigers? Even their heroes in things such as the Sea Shepherd movement are biologists. The biggest protectors of biodiversity and eco-systems are not frail vegans with placards but “vivisectors”.

I put this to my readers… How many people think Animal Liberation would give their lives to go protect gorillas in war torn regions like Diane Fossey? Or save Tigers, Whales, Rare Skinks, Slugs and tiny moths solely for the sake of tiny moths? How many will fight deforestation with damning reports and create lasting change and independance of the people so that they stop relying on wild animals and destroying habitats? 

We will however expose the truth about animals being tortured in labs for research. Its a sickness based in greed since there are alternatives. And people who do this will be exposed for their addiction.

It’s funny how life is such an addiction that Lisa’s own partner in crime, Camille willing traded her beliefs in animal equality to use products of animal experimentation to save her own life. The hypocrites aren’t us, it is the animal liberation movement who speak out of privilege of not needing medicine, so don’t see the inherent value.

We know even if it all comes to an abrupt halt, greedy people won’t miss a beat in making profit on using the alternatives. Thats why we work to abolish all animal testing immediately- its the fastest way to alternatives being developed and used. So theres no need for us to cause harm- and it’s totally against our world view! We have proof that people who know the truth about how innocent animals are used, they do not accept it on any level. Look at all the south florida businesses and workers who will no longer associate with primate products! No one was harmed for this! The truth was simply shown.

What alternatives? We already use alternatives a lot, the ultimate problem being that you develop alternatives to animal research through animal research otherwise you wouldn’t know efficacy. If a piece of alternate technique is worse than in vivo then why should we use it? And how would you even develop alternatives without comparing it to animal systems.Can anyone name one alternative developed by the likes of Camille Marino, Lisa Grossman and Walter Bond? Productive research? Improvements? A simple kind word to those who suffer from disease? A donation of something as simple as blood or bone marrow? A kind word to those who are ill? 

Instead you get death threats from Camille and get propoganda such as this pile of utter nonsense from Walter Bond. 
So Vegan diet or deity?

Veganism has become a cult rather than a dietary choice. It’s very close to becoming a deitary choice.
And I agree with Mr. Bond, Veganism is not an Adequate Diet. This fails under the simple fact of being animal liberation and being medically unsound advice. Culturally vegetarian people such as the Pharsi and Hindus manage to do so because they drink milk and eat eggs like “crazy”. They may not eat meat but they do get animal protein to supplement their vegetarian diets. Without which they would be prone to any number of diseases such as iron deficiency (so rife in India that I have seen “kiddie iron supplements”, something that is unheard of in the developed world because our kids drink milk and eat burgers). I have seen rickets because kids were so poor they couldn’t get milk. Like vegans.

You literally are dosing yourself with medications (supplements) meant to be aimed at people who cannot eat certain foods. Those are drugs and even things such as Vitamin D can make you badly ill. It’s why we encourage natural sources because the chance of OD is very low. It’s very hard to OD on Vitamin C, not unless you eat oranges all the time.

And PS — any students who continue their studies by refusing all dissections and all animal use ARE OUR HEROES!!

I refuse to learn until you substitute reality for mine!
And my reality is laden with talking meerkat!

 If you don’t do the dissection then you don’t get the marks allotted for the course. It’s as simple as that. You aren’t “making a statement”, you are making a stupid mistake.

It’s simple, if I don’t like cadavers my choices in dissection were “shut the hell up and stand there” or “don’t stand there and fail”. The same applies to biology students. This is a career driven course and skills must be learnt. Otherwise why are you even there? What do you possibly expect?

Your university course is there to teach you how to understand a subject, not to discuss about how you should be allowed to do what you want in a professional course rather than learn the skills needed.

Ooh another awesome link!

Skeptical OB is a blog written by Dr. Amy and I approve of her message against “home birthing movements”.

I understand the need of home birth in India, not everyone has access to medical care in India that includes a trained Ob/Gyn. The options for a large part of India (Majority of India is a rural rather than urban) is the traditional midwife.

So it makes sense to give her some help to reduce the mortality rate she faces. To give her some training to atleast ensure that childbirth without complications have a higher survival rate. It’s simple things like sterile packs to make a sterile environment and education. India’s perinatal mortality rate in 1999 was 34 per 1000 (infant mortality is from birth to a year and is an indicator of a lot of really basic healthcare and disease prevention schemes. Perinatal mortality rates are an indicator of presence of pre birth and post birth care. That period of 3 months (6 to 9 months and the first month of the baby’s life) is the “big risk period”.

For instance the modified infant  mortality rate in India is 72 out of 1000 live births. However in the peri-natal period nearly 30 babies die. Basically it’s 30 in the last two months of pregnancy and first month of pregnancy and a further 42 after that. A lot of it is down to indian women eating badly due to poverty a lot of it is untrained midwives rather than obstetricians who just aren’t available (when you have a billion people…)

To India the easiest fix was to deal with midwives. In the western world that kind of behaviour is “bloody inexcusable”.

The obstetricians are our “midwives” because they are incredibly well trained and educated. They are no slouches when it comes to “normal deliveries” and definitely trained and qualified enough to deal with the many issues that can occur out of a normal pregnancy plus they are trained in emergencies which do occur and when they do occur are deadly to both.

So read away! It’s heartbreaking to read the stories on Dr. Amy’s site and it’s a rather forgotten piece of woo that we rarely hear about (I certainly didn’t know that there was a home birth movement until this morning). 

Stay Classy – Airplane Edition

Innocent reading material
or Terror Manual?!

Oh my yes!

This is so incredibly daft that I don’t even know who thought this would end anything apart from this.

What sort of self respecting terrorist reads a book?! What sort of self respecting terrorist brings said book on a plane! What sort of person thinks you can fly a modern airplane based on reading about WW I and WW II era fighter planes? What sort of person thought that any of the above is a sane plan? And what sort of person calls the cops for such a retarded reason? Did they ever think that this would end well?

This is so incredibly silly that I cannot even imagine the thought process going through the minds of the people who called it in. Either the airline hires complete morons to crew their flights or someone called in a complaint about someone because they genuinely have fear issues about people with different skin colours and terror.


It’s mindboggling the amount of fear that could cause someone to call something like this in. I wonder what body in the USA spreads fear about flying and swarthy looking people.

Scaremongering for news ratings is a time honoured method of getting people to watch your show, but it isn’t good for you. There should be laws regarding the veracity of news and responsible reporting. Freedom of speech is an excellent thing, but it doesn’t mean you are free to say whatever you want.

And yes, it is racist. Horribly so, I do agree with the man in this article. I am sure no one would have cared were he reading a Jane’s Guide to Aircraft in one hand and a Tom Clancy/Andy McNab book in the other if her were white. Otherwise sales of airline book shops would plummet rapidly across the english speaking world, not to mention book reading rates.