Domestic Violence, The Work Place and Catholic Values

At what point does someone else’s problem become our own problem? We all say “Well That’s What We Would Do” but doing something and saying you will do something are two entirely different beasts.

But when you are holding yourself (or claiming that you are holding yourself) to higher values than the rest of us mere mortals then you have to back up words with actions.

Carie Charlesworth was fired because of her ex-husband’s actions. [Read more...]

Women aren’t Feminists? Really?

Some people have a bizarre idea about what “Feminism” is.

From the people who routinely think Feminism is about ruling all the men to those who claim “I am a no feminist but I support women’s equality”.

I missed out on a lot of stuff over the 3 weeks I was off swanning around with my pretty lady. One of which was Facebook’s changes to content such as the writings of MRA.

So let’s field the Open Letter from AVfM about Facebook’s Anti Rape campaign and indeed the advertiser backlash (Listen, if I was advertising I wouldn’t want my name associated with people who make highly misogynist statements). [Read more...]

A Voice for Me – Judgy Bitch 2 – Electric Blogaloo

Judgy Bitch came to my attention for her frankly lunatic take on a rape trial in the USA where she proceeded to blame the victim of rape as someone trying to gain social approval by “shagging high value males”. Not the reality where the girl was raped precisely because she TURNED DOWN the advances of football players (American). The entire Steubenville rape read like the very epitome of “bullshit” without having to listen to people like “Judgy Bitch”.

So what’s got her knickers in a twist? Well? The backlash against the sudden “outing” of paedophiles in broadcasting.  [Read more...]

A Voice for Me – Once a Good Girl Goes Bad

There is a consistent problem within the various MRA spheres particularly the Indian one bemoaning “Women/Girls these Days”.

Basically? MRA don’t like what’s happened to women. No longer are they docile. No longer do their lives revolve around men and how to please them. It’s not that men’s power has been eroded but women have been gaining the same power that men have. And this frightens a generation of men brought up to think that women will like them no matter what.

And this causes them to wax poetical about it. [Read more...]

How to Forge Your Own Chains

If you haven’t read Under the Banner of Heaven, I urge you to do so.

[warning]TW – Murder, Rape[/warning]

The Fundamentalist Church of Mormonism has a major problem. You see? There is a massive onus on “Individual Revelation”. This caused a split from the Church of Mormon. Basically? All members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints are prophets. [Read more...]

SSA Blogathon – Age of Kali – The Mrs. Degree

India is a land that is both modern and ancient and manages to marry the two concepts without batting an eyelash. There is no existential crisis between the most modern parts of India and the most ancient of practices. Science institutes regularly pray for a good year of research without any contradiction between science and faith.

So in a modern India you find some things that simply “don’t make much sense” to most western sensibilities. [Read more...]

Piano Black – Women in Science

[important]Piano Black is my co-blogger and general minion (yes. I have a FTB Minion). She’s new to blogging and to the atheism, skepticism and freethought malarky that we engage in. She’s currently a high school student and soon to be college student from Texas. She may or may not like ponies.[/important]

It’s a subject that I feel is not talked about enough. As time goes on, women are becoming a force to reckon with in the science world. But where did it all start? And with who? Sadly, I cannot name the great number of women who contributed to science and give the individual homage they deserve. However, I believe this pays homage to the past women, present women, and future women who choose a life of science or anything productive in society.   [Read more...]

Poisoning the Well

I wrote about the barely legal and often hidden women’s shelters in Afghanistan and how members of the USA’s political machine called women’s rights in Afghanistan a “Pet Rock that was weighing down the backpack”. A lot of the stories that come out of Afghanistan prove that we can do some good there.

150 girls in Kabul fell sick after a poison attack either via gas or drinking water. Ordinarily we would dismiss such an attack as hysteria but mass poisonings of school girls by the Taliban are not new. While they don’t happen with regularity, they have been noticed and the mentality of such attacks is the same as the attacks on Malala. [Read more...]