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Aug 04 2013

I Get Mail – Pertussis Porkies

“The trickiest thing with this vaccine is something called Original Antigenic Sin. To give a very simplified explanation, the immune response to the vaccine is incomplete and therefore the vaccinated can still carry and transmit the bacteria. This may also explain why vaccination “immunity” doesn’t last as long as natural immunity. What makes it really …

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Jul 28 2013

Risky Business


“Avi! Why do you dislike missionaries?”

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Jul 14 2013

A Change of Opinion

A new article in Time magazine has some rather fun news for skeptics.

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Jun 21 2013

Do Not Engage

For those who are more into the skeptical side of “A Million Gods” and let’s face it, I am kind of the jack of all trades of FTB with no “real” emphasis. Well apart from when I need to cut lose on a medical topic! If you are aware of this there is a list …

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Jun 17 2013

Tetanus? Schmetanus!!!

Part of the anti-vaccine movement’s strength is that the majority of diseases we vaccinate for are thankfully rare these days. So it’s easy for them to say “Oh! That thing? Yeah it’s harmless! Proper diet and cleanliness is what you need! Not those doctors and their knives! Bloody scaremongerers! Don’t you know they are rich! …

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Jun 16 2013

An Idiot’s Guide To – Tetanus

This is a project I wanted to do for a while. Basically? Anti-Vax vs. Vaccination is a major problem in a large part of the developing world. Quackery movements in general are meshed together. And as I always say, the best ammunition against them is education. So I figure we should discuss some common diseases. …

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Jun 04 2013

Fear of the Crab

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May 01 2013

Viera Scheibner’s Quick Points – A Rebuttal

Viera Schiebner at her non-muggle job. I find this woman odious, a genuine harpy. Twisting the misery and suffering of countless children across the world to fit her world view of anti-vaccination and anti-medicine. Her work has recently begun to resurface courtesy of outbreaks of measles across Europe. It’s not sufficient that she misrepresents her …

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May 01 2013

SSA May Day Madness Blogathon – 9 Questions that Stump every Pro-Vaccine Advocate and their Claims

Earlier this week I came across this article written in the inappropriately named Baby Centre website. It is a reposting of another article but the original site is down. In it is a series of questions posed by David Mihalovic; ND. These questions are allegedly meant to stump “medical professionals”. It was reposted by an …

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Apr 28 2013

How to Scaremonger

The difference between anti-vax and vax is just which side we are scared off. 

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