A Night on Suicide Watch

The following happened last night. What ensues is a discussion about a case of attempted suicide and the management of it and a look at some of the causes. It is a frank experience. There are photographs not of anything graphic but of the view I had throughout the night I spent 12 hours straight trying to make sure someone didn’t kill herself.

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Hags of Lag – Sarkeesian

It’s no secret that women in the geek industry constantly have to demonstrate their credentials above and beyond the call that is normally expected. When I say I read comics, no one demands to find out if I read Archie or not.

What we have is a problem. #Gamergate demonstrates it quite well. There are people making a fairly daft argument. That feminists are evil because Zoe Quinn who made Depression Quest (A Free to Play Game) slept with a games reviewer who never even reviewed her game. And this apparently is the death knell of game writing. [Read more...]

You Have No Basis to Say that Slavery is Bad!

You’ve got no basis to say slavery is bad. Evolutionarily speaking, isn’t it a moral imperative to enslave the lesser evolved humans and other beasts for the greater good of us more evolved ones? Now that we know evolution is happening, should we allow the lesser humans to reproduce with us and drag down the gene pool? All kinds of great moral imperatives come out of evolution!!

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Sam Harris – Irony is Going to War for Olive Branches

I wrote a response to Sam Harris. It made the rounds as one of the few people who were atheist who were willing to speak out against a “Horseman” of atheism. I faced down everything, from the accusations of “drama blogging” and being contrary for the sake of it. To siding with terrorists. And the ever popular claim of “Secret Muslim” made a showing.

But at the core of my argument was me pointing out that the heart of the conflict was entirely based on ownership of land. And that in the grand scheme of things, Sam Harris has forgotten that the Palestinians are indeed the defenders and have suffered abuse upon abuse and attacks on their secular notions giving power to the only untouched institution that is religion. The secular PLO got sidelined and the hard-line Hamas came to greater power until it became what everyone feared. The elected representatives of the Palestinians.  [Read more...]