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Oct 12 2013

A Change of Name

Tiga’s been changing her name, and it’s now Hera. Make a note! She also has a new blog! http://thekelingspeaks.net/ Check it out!

Oct 10 2013

Columbus Day!

The man does have a point. Amusingly enough there is a little rhyme Indians learn about to remember their white guys who tried to find (and stick a flag into) India. De Gama has Brains, Colombus is Useless (it rhymes in Tamil)

Oct 07 2013

Home Again

Tiga’s been discharged from hospital and is home again. Any messages? Leave em here!  

Sep 28 2013

Tiga Needs Your Love

Tiga’s been taken ill. Seriously ill. Like constant hospital care “ill”. She either has severe gastritis or sepsis and I am rather worried. I cannot go back home though, I kind of blew all my leave on a bout of Malaria (Which I am still recovering from). So apart from keeping her company on the …

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Sep 27 2013

Rape – It’s all your fault

You can make jokes about rape. They just aren’t the sort of jokes you roll around laughing at. But keep this video in mind. Tomorrow I am covering a different sort of joke. A very sad one from Pat Condell. Just remember ladies, it is all your fault.

Sep 23 2013


So part of my fundraising for Light the Night by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is to become more physically present in atheism and skepticism. AKA meaning more interaction. So I was thinking? How about we get together and do a Google Hangout this weekend? We can discuss anything and you can put in requests. …

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Sep 18 2013

No. You Don’t Understand It

Or: How Not To Answer A Question In Thousands of Words If I had written a short rebuttal to each answer, Stan here would have just ignored it and demanded greater depth.

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Sep 10 2013

Age of Kali – Riots

There are riots up north based on religious sectarianism. Lest we forget? Hindus and Muslims were stabbing each other way before Jews got in on that action…. So moving shop. We are taking this on the “road” so as to speak. More tomorrow when I get there. Leaving “now”. A

Sep 09 2013

Y U No Blog?

Sorry! If you guys were not aware, I have been settling people who worked in other places. We are also closing down one of our projects as it is a success and we “don’t need to keep running it”. So been involved with the celebration for that as well as writing up those obs/gynae cases …

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Sep 07 2013

The Death of Sayeda Kamala

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