The Drop

This is the drop. The final jump. It’s been a long long ride to get here and I have just one thing left to do.

I wrote both my knowledge papers. I have a good feeling about this year’s papers in general. So all that’s left is the scariest part of being a medical student. The last jump. The final drop.

I am to be tested for my capacity to perform Paediatric Medicine at a safe  level. I have my OSCEs and Viva tomorrow. And on Sunday I do the same for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

I am not nervous. I just have enough butterflies in my stomach to make a lepidopterist very happy. All that’s left is going through my notes on the way to the exam and trusting to luck and skill.

I leave you with this….


I kind of slept on my back funny and woke up a bit too suddenly!

This has resulted in a sprained back making sitting down, standing up and lying down impossibly painful. Since I am still revising for my finals, there will be a period of shorter and fewer posts. This injury has kind of forced my hand since I am incapable of sitting and writing at my chair.

I will still be making posts, just not as many each day.