Avoid the Plague of Practical Atheism

This one’s from Katherine Jean Lopez at Patheos. And she’s quoting Pope Benedict here.

A particularly dangerous phenomenon for faith has arisen in our times: indeed a form of atheism exists which we define, precisely, as “practical”, in which the truths of faith or religious rites are not denied but are merely deemed irrelevant to daily life, detached from life, pointless. So it is that people often believe in God in a superficial manner, and live “as though God did not exist” (etsi Deus non daretur). In the end, however, this way of life proves even more destructive because it leads to indifference to faith and to the question of God.

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A Voice For Me – Emma Watson and the MRA

I have spoken to Dean Esmay before. Albeit on twitter where the 140 limit does not lend itself to great conversation. I found a rather strange individual who simply was out of depth in the kind of world of misogyny we exist in. He is a man who (if we speak kindly) doesn’t get misogyny and bigotry.

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Epidemic – Ebola Conspiracies in Liberia

There are a lot of conspiracy theories knocking around at the moment with regards to ebola. Everything from cover ups to magical Jewish conspiracy theories exist with regards to this deadly disease.

Richard Dawkins once said that the garden was beautiful enough without there having to be fairies at the bottom of the garden. I think this is the opposite. Ebola is a deadly disease without there being a need to involve allege Jewish Super Science. [Read more…]

Accelerated Christian Education – Bad Science

We are often accused of being rude and unconstructive towards Christian fundamentalists. We are told that we shouldn’t mock them. That we are making atheism unpopular by shining a light on every bigot, hypocrite and creationist we can find.

Here’s the thing? This is a system of education we are looking at. Children are being taught this. This is guaranteeing that some children are taught incorrect things as facts and ensuring that they never have the proper education they deserve solely to ensure that Christianity is the one “real” faith in their lives. In that way we are giving up on the future of children when we make them read this sort of syllabus.

These are some rather choice excerpts from the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) system.

This first set is on water.

Scientists have known for years that snowflakes are shaped in six-sided, or hexagonal, patterns. But why is this? Some scientists have theorised that the electrons within a water molecule follow three orbital paths that are positioned at 60° angles to one another. Since a circle contains 360°, this electronic relationship causes the water molecule to have six ‘spokes’ radiating from a hub (the nucleus). When water vapour freezes in the air, many water molecules link up to form the distinctive six-sided snowflakes and the hexagonal pattern is quite evident.


Just going to leave this here… I don’t think the above statement is factual.

Snowflakes also contain small air pockets between their spokes. These air pockets have a higher oxygen content than does normal air. Magnetism has a stronger attraction for oxygen than for other gases. Consequently, some scientists have concluded that a relationship exists between a snowflake’s attraction to oxygen and magnetism’s attraction to oxygen.

I… you… what? Magnetism attracts oxygen? That’s blatantly stupid.

Job 38:22, 23 states, ‘Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail, which I have reserved against the time of trouble, against the day of battle and war?’ Considering this scripture, some scientists believe that a tremendous power resides untapped within the water molecules from which snowflakes and hailstones are made.

Yes. Water is rather cool as a compound but it isn’t magic.

How can this scripture, along with these observations about snowflakes, show us a physical truth? Scientists at Virginia Tech have produced electricity more efficiently from permanent magnets, which have their lines of force related to each other at sixty-degree angles, than from previous methods of extracting electricity from magnetism. Other research along this line may reveal a way to tap electric current directly from snow, eliminating the need for costly, heavy, and complex equipment now needed to generate electricity.

Yes. they are teaching children that you can generate energy from magnets and snow because a 2000 year old book used allegory to make them think so.

This one’s a more medical related one.

Researchers have discovered that the hydrogen canopy that may have enclosed Earth before the Flood had some very interesting effects on plant and animal life. The hydrogen in the canopy absorbed blue light, but radiated red light, so the sky was pink rather than blue! Not only did pre-Flood man see the panorama of Creation “through rose-colored glasses,” but the pink light had a definite effect on his mind and body. Modern scientists have discovered that pink light stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete a hormone called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is both a tranquilliser and a neurotransmitter that both calms the person and sharpens his ability to think. The tranquilliser in the hormone can reduce stress and the accompanying medical complications (heart conditions, ulcers, etc) that come with our-hectic, modern-day lifestyles. Some drugs have the same tranquillising effect, but these drugs also decrease the ability to think and respond to the environment. The neurotransmitter in the norepinephrine sharpens the person’s senses and enables him to think clearly by speeding up his nervous impulses.

O’rly? The Hydrogen Canopy theory? Because we randomly had tonnes of hydrogen up there that magically turned to water…

To my knowledge there is no effect from pink light that causes secretion of norepinephrine.

Directly increasing heart rate, triggering the release of glucose from energy stores, and increasing blood flow to skeletal muscle. It increases the brain’s oxygen supply. It isn’t a tranquiliser. It also causes vasoconstriction causing hypertension.

It doesn’t reduce stress but increases it and increases complications of hypertension and tachycardia which are heart conditions. And labetelol which reduces hypertension does not affect your thinking.

Metal hydrogen not only filters blue light, but it also has a fiberoptic effects. This means that light from the sun was not only transmitted through the canopy, but was also spread out across the canopy. The light was dispersed around the world – even at night! At sunrise the sky was a vivid pink color. As the colour of the sky changed, the light grew in intensity throughout the morning, until it was a light pink at noon. As the light subsided during the afternoon, the color of the sky returned to vivid pink again at sunset.

Metal Hydrogen? This is all incredibly hypothetical and last I heard metal hydrogens are all solids.

The pink colour and the light dispersion worked together to create a perfect working condition. The pink morning sky caused the norepinephrine to begin flowing and stimulating the man to work. At noon, when the pink light and the norepinephrine production were at their peak, the man worked most efficiently. The decreasing intensity of the pink light in the afternoon gradually calmed the person so that by sunset he was relaxed and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Then why didn’t the magical god recreate this amazing feat of magic?

Modern scientists are just now discovering what Christians have always believed – that God’s Creation was perfect.


For more information on the subject of Creation model, you might like to read the book Panorama of Creation by Dr Carl Baugh. You might also want to read some of the numerous books on Creation written by Dr Henry M Morris or other contemporary Christian scientists.

Joseph Farah – Da’esh and Obama

I generally am amused by Ed Brayton’s stellar coverage of American Wingnuts but this one seems to have managed to limbo under his radar.

Observe as Joseph Farah enlightens us with a rather amusing article which simply doesn’t get how the world works or indeed the situation. Or maybe he does and he prefers the tired old habit of American Conservatives where they simply lie. [Read more…]