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May 13 2014

Because My Sub-Species Reproduces by Binary Fission

We are, quite rightly, very often hard on women here at Alpha Game. We need to be, because they spend most of their lives having smoke blown up their pretty little asses by people of both sexes and all ages who want to curry favor with them. Since we want nothing from them, we have …

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May 11 2014


Fire! By which I mean someone left a kitchen stove on and a small block of flats got set on fire. By which I mean most of my night was spent helping people with smoke inhalation. So now I myself have smoke inhalation and am sat here in my clinic hacking up wads of black …

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May 02 2014

Reports out of Syria

There are reports of Syrian Rebels performing public executions.

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May 01 2014

Jen has a new Blog

As always? I am the last to get with the program. Blag Hag’s Jen McCreight has a new solo blog, sadly Blag Hag is dead. But the Jenome is not. So check it out.

Apr 26 2014

Help another Brit Out

Alex needs some help funding his rock and roll lifestyle! Okay fine! I will be serious. Alex Gabriel is working on writing as a career and needs a little “help” surviving the month. If you can help? Help him out. It’s okay. I won’t get mad at you. You can fund my Faberge Egg addiction …

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Apr 25 2014

How To Stop Masturbating

Just follow these simple steps!

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Apr 24 2014

Election Day!

Today was Chennai’s Big Day at the Polls! Best of luck to all who voted.

Apr 24 2014

Karmacat – This is sound advice from a Psychiatrist

First of all, I am a psychiatrist and I treat veterans and non-veterans. Second of all, a psychologist can diagnose PTSD. Having PTSD – like symptoms is still painful. A lot of veterans have PTSD, some do not. Nobody except Melody’s psychologist or someone who has done an interview and psych evaluation can diagnose her. …

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Apr 21 2014

Millionaire Milestone

So… I hit a million blog hits. I know it’s just a number, but it is one I never ever expected to hit! So “Thanks Guys!”

Apr 19 2014

Complaining About Gullibility Is Not A Recruitment Plan

Dave Shifflet of the Wall Street Journal doesn’t quite understand the role of American Atheists in his recent article. See just because Atheists are outnumbered doesn’t mean we are quiet or a small minority. We are often quite loud. This weekend sees Salt Lake City host the American Atheists Annual Convention and there is a …

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